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Valorant Has Revealed the Cryostasis Bundle

Check out the newly announced skin bundle Cryostasis on VALORANT. The ice-themed bundle includes Operator, Bulldog, Vandal, Classic and a Melee weapon. The icy bundle will be live on December 14.

VALORANT has revealed the Cryostasis bundleVALORANT, Riot Games’ free-to-play FPS, has shared news about the upcoming skin bundle with its players. VALORANT has announced this via the share on their official Twitter account. In addition to adding a picture that shows the appearance of the newly introduced bundle, VALORANT has announced the release date of the skin bundle, Cryostasis, which will be live on December 14

There is also an interesting rumour that the Cryostasis guns get more icy when they are used during a match. Although there is no other information about this new skin bundle yet, we know which guns the ice themed bundle includes. Let’s check the following guns which are included in the Cryostasis bundle:

  • Operator
  • Bulldog
  • Vandal
  • Classic
  • Melee

The bundle has an icy looking; as a result, this new bundle naturally evokes the traces of the map “Icebox”. That icy covering of the guns also reminds the players of the freezing winter days to which we are getting closer. Apart from that, it is possible for you players to check your purchase history in VALORANT before you decide whether you are going to buy this new bundle or not. You can simply check the guide for this topic on our site. 

SOURCE: VALORANT has revealed the Cryostasis bundle

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