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Valorant 5-Player Queues in the Works According to Dev

Senior Competitive Designer, Jon ‘EvrMoar’ Walker, provides an update on the possibility of Valorant 5-player queues. This update addresses comments made from the popular streamer, Shroud, regarding queue restrictions in high level competitive matches. Walker says temporary changes could arrive soon with a more permanent update later down the road.

Valorant 5-Player Queues in the Works According to Dev

Valorant released last year for PC. The game managed to fuse an economy system reminiscent of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with class-based abilities gameplay similar to games like Overwatch. While competitive matches are a core part of the overall experience, many players want to see changes made in regard to the queue system. According to a Riot Games developer, Valorant 5-player queues are planning to be introduced in the future. 

News of plans to revamp the queue system surfaced after Senior Competitive Designer, Jon ‘EvrMoar’ Walker, responded to a tweet from Michael Grzesiek, better known as Shroud. 

Shroud’s displeasure with the queue system was made known during one of his previous streams on Twitch. Currently, high ranked players can only queue with 1 other player. It’s understandable why the developers might be hesitant to allow 5-stack teams in competitive games. This could put solo queue players at a distinct disadvantage. In his response to Shroud, Walker makes note of the challenges of making premade teams of 5 people work.

Nevertheless, the opinions from top players like Shroud are equally valid. Trying to work together with a team of random players can prove frustrating. This frustration is furthered considering that the restriction only exists at the higher levels of competition. Lower ranked teams (below Diamond 3) can group as a premade 5 stack. It will be interesting to see what plans the developers have in store to remedy the situation. 

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The competitive aspect has been an important pat of Riot Game’s success with the FPS title. The company has focused on trying to make the game successful at the professional level. They recently reached an agreement with Nerd Street Gamers in preparation for the first stage of the Valorant Championship Tour.

For those that are frustrated with the current state of competitive in the game, they can at least take comfort in knowing that changes are coming. However, it might take a while to see those changes implemented. 

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