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Riot Has Announced Valorant Mobile

As part of its 1 year anniversary, Riot Games has announced Valorant Mobile is now in development. According to an interview with Polygon, Anna Donlon, Valorant Executive Producer, says that the tactical shooter is a good fit for mobile devices. News on cross-play and a possible release window are given as well.

Riot Has Announced Valorant Mobile

As part of the 5v5 tactical shooter’s 1 year anniversary, Riot Games has announced Valorant Mobile is now in development.

Even though details about the upcoming title are sparse, some info about how this version of the game will coexist with its PC counterpart was given by Anna Donlon, Valorant Executive Producer. According to an interview with Polygon, she said that there are no plans to allow cross-play between the different versions of the game. Furthermore, she emphasized that the PC version would continue to get the same amount of attention that it had before the announcement of Valorant Mobile.    

Other high-profile shooters have made the leap to mobile platforms over the past few years. Popular titles such as Fortnite Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and PUBG Mobile have seen success on the market. In addition, Respawn has announced plans to release a mobile version of Apex Legends

With over 14 million monthly players, the appeal of a mobile version of Valorant is understandable. However, this announcement raises one important question: where is the console version? While Donlon stated that they want to bring the game to console players in the future, it was easier to adapt the game to mobile devices.

She also touched on a possible release window for the game. Donlon said, “we’re not confirming dates, but hopefully that’s something we’ll be able to see in year 2.” While this is good news that the game might be coming in the next year, it appears that fans will have to wait a while longer before trying out the game for themselves. 

DUALITY // Official Lore Cinematic - VALORANT

This isn’t the first time that Valorant has been in the news recently. The developers have received pressure to add five-player queues after popular streamers such as Shroud have complained about the lack of this feature. In addition, a new lore cinematic, Duality, has been released on YouTube furthering the story of the game.

It will be interesting to see how this new version of the game performs. For a title that was initially developed for the precision aim of mouse and keyboard, the developers face the challenge of adapting it to the less precise controls of mobile devices.

Do you think a mobile version of the game could work? Let me know in the comments below. 

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