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Pictures from VALORANT Mobile Reportedly Leaked

Although the VALORANT Mobile beta had already started on the 7th of April, we never got to take a direct look at the game. Twitter user DannyINTEL had leaked a few pictures off of the VALORANT Mobile playtest that is only exclusive to China.

Pictures from Valorant Mobile reportedly leaked.

It seems like Riot Games is ready to expand upon VALORANT‘s popularity, targeting mobile gamers next. The VALORANT Mobile beta had already started on the seventh of April. However, we never got to take an official look at how the game will work on mobile devices. A couple of days ago, new alleged photos of VALORANT Mobile had surfaced the internet, originating from Twitter’s user, DannyINTEL.

It looks like not all the agents will make it into the mobile port of the game. Breach, Jett, Sova, Killjoy, Phoneix, and Skye are the only agents visible in the screenshots. This is suitable for VALORANT Mobile being currently in the testing phase. Although it is unclear whether the rest of the agents will be out, I think it is eventual that the rest of the pack will gradually release over time.

From the limited roster of agents and maps, it is safe to predict that the full game is not going to release anytime soon. The current beta in China reportedly works with an invite-only system that later stopped the invites and is limited to the people who got the invites. Riot Games never specified nor disclosed an official release date for VALORANT Mobile, spreading the word “coming sometime soon.”

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