Author: Grant Benefield

Grant is an American freelance journalist writing about the passion he's held since childhood. Other likes include music, food, sports, anime, horror films, and his Great Dane, Luna.


Escape From Tarkov: Saferoom EXFIL Guide

The Saferoom EXFIL is one of the newest extractions added to Interchange in Escape From Tarkov. This guide will show you just how to use it and what kind of loot it rewards. Although this is a great extraction to utilize, it can be tricky t...


10 Tips for Beginners in Escape From Tarkov

Want to step up your Escape From Tarkov skills? These 10 tips for beginners will help you become the best Tarkov player you can be. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, there's always room to improve in Battlestate Games's hardcore shoot...


Riot Games Announce “Valorant” – Release Date, Game Info, and More

Riot Games has revealed the name of their upcoming tactical shooter "Valorant". Along with that comes more news, including gameplay footage, netcoding info, and a release date that is sooner than expected. Riot also answers the burning ques...


Escape From Tarkov: 5 Best Guns For Beginners

Want to know which guns you should be using in Tarkov? This guide will break down the 5 best guns for beginners in Escape From Tarkov. There are many to choose from, which can make deciding on weapons difficult as a beginner. In Escape From...

Escape from Tarkov Beginner Maps

Escape From Tarkov: Best Maps for Beginners

As a Tarkov beginner, learning maps can be a daunting challenge. This guide will outline the two best maps for beginners and why you should be picking them for your raids. With each map offering its own set of obstacles, which ones should y...

Escape From Tarkov: 10 Best Beginner Trades

Tarkov has one of the most detailed loot systems ever. Get the most out of your hauls with these 10 beginner trades for Escape From Tarkov. There are many items to find, and many of those items can be traded for much better gear to help you...

Top 5 Tips To Improve In Hunt: Showdown

Top 5 Tips To Improve In Hunt: Showdown

As a new player, Crytek's latest project can be daunting. That's why I've put together 5 tips to help you get your feet under in Hunt: Showdown. Everything you encounter in this suspenseful shooter is deadly, and you need to know how to eff...

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