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5 Valorant Agents in Need of Buffs

These 5 Valorant Agents must be buffed to match their competition. Not all agents are created equally. Riot’s expanding character roster presents issues where some are stronger or weaker than others. Your favorite may not be as strong as it previously was.

5 Valorant Agents in Need of Buffs Cover

Putting a spin on the tactical shooter genre by creating a blend of precise gunplay and ability usage, Valorant boasts a number of playable characters with their own unique uses. The addition of brand new characters ensures fresh and ever changing gameplay. A challenge of introducing new agents, however, is the need to continuously balance them. This could affect some of the existing characters, where some are too powerful or too weak. While Riot remains diligent in doing so, this is difficult to perfectly execute. As such, these are 5 Valorant agent buffs we need to see.

Before we begin, let’s put some things into perspective. This does not give a complete image of the agents included in this list. Some mentioned here may be perfectly fine for some players and are not in need of any changes. This simply acknowledges certain weaknesses that make these agents less popular choices compared to others. Let us also remember that there is no single way of playing the game. In the end, us players are free to choose who we play and how we do so.

Valorant Agent: Phoenix

Valorant Agent: Phoenix


Starting us off is the shining duelist Phoenix. Some may disagree on his placement on this list due to usefulness in-game. As a duelist he is able to do many things, such as using his blinds to push into site, using his wall to deny vision, and using his molly to hold off pushes. Not to mention his ultimate, which provides him with a second life, allowing him to take many risks. Phoenix plays aggressively without the fear of being punished. He is also a viable pick for players seeking to carry in their ranked games. Using an agent that can blind, wall, and heal all by himself can definitely be a plus when you are playing with a bad team.

However, this list does not intend to only focus on the good things he does. What makes him a less popular choice compared to other duelists like Jett and Reyna is his lack of mobility. Jett can dash, Reyna can dismiss, while Phoenix can run. These abilities allow these characters to quickly engage enemy agents, catching them off guard, and disengaging from them when necessary. Phoenix is a stationary target compared to these agents. 

Valorant Agent: Omen

Valorant Agent: Omen


Omen is a good controller who can dictate how the enemy team plays. With his Dark Cover, he is able to place smokes from a far distance, allowing him to provide cover for his team despite his current position. One charge of his smoke is also rechargeable, which is useful for longer rounds. His blind, Paranoia is a great initiating ability. Omen can be effective at setting up pushes for his team due its AOE and cast range. Lastly, his short ranged teleport, Shrouded Step, and his global teleport ultimate, From the Shadows, allow him to reposition to wherever he sees fit. With his ability to be anywhere, enemies facing Omen must always be wary of where he can possibly attack from.

His kit enables him to act as a lurker, taking on enemies from angles they don’t expect. In reality, however, Omen actually ends up taking them on from angles they expect him to come from. The issue lies in his teleportation abilities. Both emit a considerable amount of noise that informs the enemy where Omen is. Furthermore, there is a lengthy weapon equip time after using the skill that leaves him vulnerable. While Omen should excel in playing a quiet and sneaky game, having a kit that tells the enemy team your location seems counterintuitive.

Valorant Agent: Brimstone

Valorant Agent: Brimstone


Brimstone is excellent for any team composition. His kit allows him to provide his teammates support, both when attacking and defending. His abilities enable him to influence certain points of a map, setting his team up for success. He uses three charges of smokes that can be casted at once. It is important to note that his smokes last the longest compared to any other agent. Then, he also has a molly that can be very useful for holding off enemies, and possibly post-plant defense. Lastly, his ultimate Orbital Strike allows him to deal massive AOE damage to any point in the map within his cast range. 

Brimstone’s skillset makes him an important piece for any team. However, what puts him on the list is how only 3 of his 4 abilities have been mentioned – owing to the lack of importance it has. His Stim Beacon allows him to place a small field that grants his team a rapid fire buff, increasing an agent’s fire rate. While the skill can be helpful at times, it is generally useless. Increased fire rate would not matter much in a game where only one headshot is needed most of the time. As such, Brimstone can generally play without purchasing the ability. Replacing it with a more useful one, or adding to what it already provides can make this skill improve upon what Brimstone already does for his team.

Valorant Agent: Breach

Valorant Agent: Breach


The bionic swede is perfect for aggressive playstyles. His skills allow him to clear parts of the map, punishing anyone daring to stay. He can cast his blinds through walls, making it hard to predict where it can come from. Breach can utilize his Fault Line, which can daze enemies, and has a sizable AOE. Another skill of his, Aftershock, is a slow-casting damage-dealing ability. While enemies can easily dodge this, it is useful for clearing possible angles enemies could be hiding in. Lastly, Breach’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder, has an AOE wide enough for any site in the game. Casting this releases seismic quakes, knocking up and stunning anyone in the area, making them easy targets.

As an initiator, Breach utilizes his abilities to make it easier for his team to engage the enemy. While he does this very well, what puts him on the list is his comparison to the other initiators in the game. He is the only one within his agent classification that has no information gathering ability. Sova is able to use his Recon Dart and Owl Drone, Skye with her Trailblazer and Guiding Light, and KAY/0 with his Zero/Point. These agents are better picks compared to Breach who is as straightforward as his skills. Providing him an audio cue that lets the player know when he has stunned or blinded an enemy agent, like Skye, can make him a pick that is just as good.

Valorant Agent: Yoru

Valorant Agent: Yoru


This list would not be complete without Yoru. Since Riot’s announcement of his arrival into Valorant, he has been advertised as a sneaky duelist. His abilities allow him to penetrate enemy lines without them knowing, surprising them from places they don’t expect. He is capable of placing fake footsteps, toying with the minds of the enemies, making them wonder if what they’re hearing are the footsteps of an actual enemy or a fake.

Yoru throws his blinds which are activated when bounced off a surface. His main teleportation ability, Gatecrash, is a tether that he can teleport to whenever he wants. Lastly, he is placed in a different dimension through his ultimate, Dimensional Drift, which enables him to safely go around the map without being detected.

While an interesting approach to the duelist role, his kit currently contradicts itself. What makes something sneaky is silence and surprise. By being sneaky, one is able to move around quietly to successfully surprise unsuspecting enemies. Yoru, however, is not quiet, and does not surprise anyone. Due to the audio level of his skills, particularly his teleport and his ultimate, anyone can hear whenever he makes use of these, as well as providing the enemies with a general idea of his location. An easy fix to this would be to simply lower the volume of these skills.

Furthermore, Yoru through his teleport and ultimate is excellent in gathering information. His ultimate, however, diminishes his field of vision similar to that of Skye’s Trailblazer prior to her patch. Giving him the same buff would improve his information-gathering ability.

Yoru Gameplay Reveal Trailer - VALORANT

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