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Valorant Public Release Will be June 2nd

Riot has announced that the full free to play version of Valorant will be released on June 2nd. Any players who took part in the closed-beta will have all of their records erased and will start from zero with everyone else. It was also announced that the team will continue to add updates to Valorant. Including things like new maps and agents for players to choose from.

Valorant Public Release Will be June 2nd

Valorant’s closed beta will be coming to an end soon. Riot announced that the Valorant public release will be on June 2nd and confirmed that the game will be free to play.

The studio plans to make its money primarily using in-game purchases for things like skins for guns. A similar tactic to what Fortnite and many other lucrative games have done in recent years.

All of the players who participated in the closed beta will have their stats and experience points reset to zero. This makes sense; Riot wouldn’t want new players to feel they are at a disadvantage or behind in any way. So if you were fortunate to reach the highest rank, it would be wise to take a picture now.

Riot has promised to keep adding new content to Valorant, including creating additional maps and agents. As of now, the game has three maps and 10 agents to choose from. The game is inspired by other first-person tactical shooters such as CS:GO. It will be interesting to see if Valorant can have the same longevity and impact in the competitive world.

Closed Beta begins in EU/NA - VALORANT

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