Overwatch 2 Releases Winter Wonderland 2022 Event

Overwatch 2 has released its Winter Wonderland 2022 event, featuring an abundance of new and returning content. From festive skins to a brand-new game mode, here's everything that you need to know about this year's most joyous event.

Overwatch 2 Releases Winter Wonderland 2022 Event

That time of year has come around once again, and the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event returns in 2022 as teased in the Season 2 trailer. Full of festive treats, both new and returning such as game modes, skins and much more. Lasting until January 4th 2023 here’s everything you need to know about this year’s event.

First of all, Mei’s Snowball Offensive is returning, a fast-paced, all-out snowball fight to really get into the holiday spirit. Yeti Hunt, the 5v1 raid boss mode in which you must capture the mighty Yeti is back, too. Joining these arcade modes this year, however, is Freezethaw Elimination. This brand-new game mode has you trying to freeze all players on the enemy team while thawing your own teammates out to see which team will be entirely frozen in the end.

During the Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2022 event, festive-themed, exclusive cosmetics will be available to earn and purchase. This includes the brand new Ice Queen Brigitte skin and a cute, snowman weapon charm. Both of these can be earned via the Event Challenges. Twitch drops are also on the way. Starting December 25th through January 4th, watch your favourite Overwatch content creators and earn rewards in-game.

Also available now is the Street Runner Genji Bundle, including a brand-new skin, emote and victory pose. Check out the Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2022 event in-game right now, it’s entirely free to play.

All Overwatch 2 WINTER WONDERLAND EVENT Skins and Items

SOURCE: Official Overwatch Website

(Winter Wonderland Event Skins and Items video published by Bro You Wack.)

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