Cupid Hanzo Skin Showcase: Is It Worth the Money? | Overwatch 2

Want to learn everything you need to know about the new Cupid Hanzo Skin in Overwatch 2 to see if it's worth the money or not? Check out this post where we take a look at all the little details on the Cupid Skin, the unique audio alterations when it gets equipped and more to see whether it's worthy of your Overwatch Coins.

Cupid Hanzo Skin Showcase: Is It Worth the Money | Overwatch 2

To commemorate the lovey-dovey celebration of Valentine’s Day, Blizzard has added a bunch of new (and returning) content to Overwatch 2. From free Epic Skins for Lucio and Zenyatta to some charming voice lines and sprays to even a full-fledged dating sim, there’s a decent amount here for those spending their Valentines climbing the ranked ladder.

Perhaps the most central piece of the Loverwatch Event is a brand new skin for everyone’s favourite archer, Hanzo. The Legendary Cupid Skin takes the classic and romantic figure of Cupid and slaps it onto the haunted Shimada heir. The result is a goofy and delightful change with a few surprises in store for those who obtain it. 

This is a really great skin, but considering how many in the community feel regarding the price of cosmetics in Overwatch 2, some may be hesitant to put down their hard-earned cash. What’s so special about the Cupid Skin? What do you get for your money? 

Well, here’s everything you need to know about the new Hanzo Cupid Skin in Overwatch 2 to help you decide.

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Overwatch 2 | Loverwatch Dating Sim Trailer

How to Get the Skin

Like most of the other new skins in Overwatch 2, the Legendary Cupid Skin is available for Overwatch Coins.

For the duration of the event, the Cupid Hanzo Bundle is available in the shop for 2600 Overwatch Coins. This includes the Cupid Legendary Skin for Hanzo, the Heart Pillow Souvenir, Pierced Heart Weapon Charm, the Cupid’s Target Name Card and the Cupid’s Kiss Highlight Intro. Additionally, if you manage to complete the Loverwatch Dating Sim and obtain the special Cupid’s Kiss Highlight Intro, you’ll get a slight discount on the Cupid Hanzo Bundle down to around 2100 Overwatch Coins

If you only care about the Cupid Skin itself, you can pick it up from the Hero Gallery. Simply head over to the Hanzo section of the Gallery, go to the Skins sections and the Cupid Skin will be there for standalone purchase. The Skin by itself will run you 1900 Overwatch Coins, like most other Legendary Overwatch 2 Skins. 

The price you will have to spend to get these will be roughly between £15 – £20, with it leaning towards the more expensive side should you purchase the Cupid Hanza Bundle as opposed to just the Skin on its own. So, with these prices in mind, what’s so special about Cupid Hanzo anyway?

The Cupid Bundle usually costs 2600 Coins - Cupid Hanzo Skin

The Cupid Bundle

Skin Showcase

There are a bunch of small, but entertaining, changes made to Hanzo thanks to this skin.

The general theme of the outfit is handled well. His normal outfit is traded for a flamboyant combination of a toga and some light armour, along with a nice crown and some little wings. Some of the things you likely won’t notice but are still nice touches include the heart motifs included on the base of his shoes (which also have a light glow to them). His little wings also will flutter through the air when you perform an air dash, giving anyone who happens to be watching a nice chuckle if they happen to catch it.

What you will see most of the time while playing Cupid Hanzo is a nice shake-up from his usual attire. His classic dragon tattoo is replaced by one made up of vines and roses, just to drive home the romance every time you pull back your weapon. Hanzo’s bow has received a similar facelift, sporting some classy white feathers and a curvier frame compared to some of his other skins.

A Shot of Love

A Shot of Love

His arrows now have heart-shaped fletching on the back, ready to make a statement wherever you shoot them. Another cool detail that shows in both the bow and the arrows is a special heart animation. Any arrow you shoot will constantly flutter out small hearts until the arrow vanishes, while the bow itself is constantly spewing them out. It’s a small detail, but one that will undoubtedly make you smile.

Overall, the Cupid Hanzo Skin is high quality. It changes a lot of the base design elements and mixes them up to fit the Cupid theme well. The bow is well crafted and looks great, the distinct shape of the arrows adds a nice layer of charm to the package, and the little details (such as the rose tattoo and arrow animations) just add to it. For the craftsmanship alone, this skin is well worth a look.

Audio Changes

One of the best things about Cupid Hanzo is it has a plethora of audio changes to accompany Hanzo’s new romantic visage. 

While using your Storm Arrows, each one will play a different note on a harp as you fire them. This adds a small touch of musical flair to your attacks where the speed of your shots determines how quickly the melody plays. Hanzo’s Ultimate, Dragonstrike, doesn’t have any visual enhancements, sadly, but it does have some audio ones. Alongside Hanzo’s usual shouting, a sweet string of chords will play as you aim the Ult: upon release, the usual dragon’s cry is replaced by smooth sensual jazz music. 

Strangely enough, though, he doesn’t have new voice lines. Unlike the recently released Greek Skins for characters such as Ramattra or Reinhardt, Hanzo has the same lines as he usually does – only now they are accompanied by the pretty sounds of a harp or smooth jazz. This can result in some pretty amusing situations where Hanzo laments his failure as a brother or some other tragic line, only to then fire off a barrage of musical Storm Arrows into his foes. 

You can see all of the audio changes here in this Twitter post from @OWCavalry.

Is It Worth the Money?

Now comes the all-important question: is this skin worthy of your money?

The obvious answer is that each person should determine this based on a case-by-case basis. However, from a more objective standpoint, there are some real high points in this skin. The visual changes are all a breath of fresh air for Hanzo, giving him lighter and more fun skin than most of his other offerings. Paired with the array of awesome audio changes to his skills (which doesn’t happen that often with skins, Legendary or not) and many will consider this a slam dunk as one of the best skins in Overwatch 2

Although, it is also lacking. Some may consider the audio changes to be enough, but without any new voice lines, it may feel a bit surface-level compared to some of the other recent skins. Ramattra’s Poseidon Skin has basically his entire vocabulary changed, for example, so the lack of these voice lines in the Cupid skin may sour it a bit for some. This isn’t to say anything of the price, either, which is still a large point of contention within the community: upwards of £20 for a single skin, no matter how nice, maybe too far.The Old Hanzo, The New Hanzo

Whether this (paired with the high price) is enough to dissuade you from buying it is up to you. As a Hanzo player, though, the theming and execution alongside the charming audio alterations justify the price to me. 

If you play Hanzo a lot and want a new skin to entertain and make you chuckle on every Ultimate, this skin is headed straight for your heart. If you’re more lukewarm on Valentine’s theme or prefer the more serious skins like Cyberninja or Okami, maybe steer clear of Cupid Hanzo for now.

The Hero of Love

The Hero of Love

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