Overwatch 2 Starwatch Event: How it Works

In this guide, we'll breakdown everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 Starwatch, a new space opera inspired event joining the game for the next few weeks. With a new limited time mode called Galactic Rescue, a suite of earnable cosmetics (including a free Epic skin) and an out of this world shop refresh, here's everything about Starwatch that you need to be aware of.

Overwatch 2 Starwatch Event: How it Works

Overwatch 2 is taking on space opera with its newest seasonal event, Starwatch. With a tie-in comic, a bunch of super flashy cosmetics and a special limited-time mode, Starwatch is a bold new direction for Overwatch events, one that is as large and over the top as its inspirations. There’s even a special community-driven feature which will decide the future of the Starwatch universe, with player decisions (and skill) deciding who will come out on top between the rebellious Watchers and the iron fist of the Galatic Empire. 

This time, players will choose one of two factions to back in an LTM called Galactic Rescue, a new hybrid PvP/PvE mode that is sure to shake things up with the Arcade. Alongside that, there are numerous challenges to chip away at for some fun galactic-themed cosmetics and rewards, including a free Epic skin for Wrecking Ball, with more stock in the shop if you have Overwatch Coins burning a hole in your pocket. There’s a lot to do and a lot to learn.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Starwatch Event in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 Motion Comic | Starwatch: An Echo of Hope

Starwatch Limited Time Mode

The main event of the Starwatch Event in Overwatch 2 is the Starwatch: Galatic Rescue Limited Time Mode. This mode will be running from May 9th to May 23rd

Players will choose one of two factions when loading in – the Watchers or the Infinite Empire – who each have their roster of heroes to choose from. For the Watchers you can choose from Winston, Hammond, Ashe, Torbjorn, Lucio or Baptiste. Meanwhile, the Empire allows you to play DVA, Sigma, Bastion, Sojourn, Soldier 76, Brigitte or Mercy. Each hero is garbed in the attire of their faction, such as the classic rebel dress of the Watchers or the clean red and black armour of the Empire.

Both teams will be dropped into an altered version of the Horizon Lunar Colony map called Infinite Galactrius. This sharp, clinical space station is an Empire safe post and houses 4 capture points within. As the Watchers or the Empire, you must either venture deep within to rescue a lost ally or defend each of the points to stop the rebels from escaping. 

There are a fair few things that make this mode different from your average capture point game. For one, instead of being killed right away when you run out of HP, you’ll enter a downed state for 15 seconds. Allies can revive you if they get to you before you bleed out, allowing you to jump right back into the action immediately. There are also a ton of stage hazards dotted around the starship such as Gravity Implosion Cannisters which can be shot to suck in nearby players, similar to a Zarya Ultimate. 

Each side also gets a special mechanic unique to that faction. For the Watchers, you’ll be joined by an additional character – an AI-controlled Doomfist called Bonebreaker – who can help you even the odds and push through the Empire’s frontline. Meanwhile, the Empire is aided by numerous turrets and artillery which are sprinkled around the map, all to take down the intruding rebels. 

Each side has a unique ending cutscene based on who wins, giving some hints and teases of what’s to come in Starwatch. 

Battle for the Stars

Battle for the Stars

The Fate of the Stars

Like with the Battle for Olympus event, there’s a bit of special flair for Starwatch. The reason why you can choose either the Empire or the Watchers is more than just for gameplay variety: in fact, it will factor into a side story.

Alongside the Starwatch event, Blizzard has also released a comic called Starwatch: An Echo of Hope. This 13-page comic gives a little backstory into the fictionalised characters and world of Starwatch, including a deeper look into the Empire and the Watchers who oppose them. The story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, with a note from Blizzard stating that the next part of the story will be shaped by the faction with the most victories. 

As such, players who side more with the Watchers will want to play and win matches as the Watcher faction: the same goes for those in the camp of the Galactic Empire. The side that gets the most victories will be proclaimed the winner after the event period ends on May 22nd, so you have until then to cast your vote and root for the enemy. 

Who Will Come Out On Top?

Who Will Come Out On Top?

Event Challenges

As always, this Overwatch 2 event is accompanied by a series of event challenges. Completing these challenges will award Battle Pass EXP, unique Starwatch-themed sprays, voice lines and more. In total, there are 9 event challenges and you must complete them before the event ends on May 22nd. These challenges are:

  • Complete Orbit: Complete 5 Starwatch Event Challenges.
  • Starwatch Veteran: Complete 5 games of Starwatch. Wins grant double progress.
  • Big Bang: Destroy 3 gravity canisters in Starwatch. 
  • Zero Gravity: Stay airborne in low gravity for 4 seconds.
  • Quantum Life: Reseurect a teammate in Starwatch.
  • Protostar: Complete 4 games. Wins grant double progress. 
  • Shoot for the Stars: Complete 8 games. Wins grant double progress.
  • Rebel of the Galaxy: Win 12 games. Wins grant double progress.
  • Hero of the Galaxy: Win 16 games. Wins grant double progress.

If you manage to complete all of these challenges, you can earn 50,000 Battle Pass EXP, which equals 5 whole levels for just indulging in the event. Other rewards include the Silver Comet weapon charm, the Join the Infinite and Infinite Flight sprays and voice lines for Doomfist and Sigma. 

Event Challenges

Event Challenges

Free Epic Skin

The best reward from Starwatch, though, is the new Epic Astronaut skin for Wrecking Ball. The skin itself doesn’t alter anything significant about Wrecking Balls’ design, sticking to the design ethos of other Epic skins. Hammond gains an alien-looking pink and purple skin tone, one that’s similar to other characters in the Watcher faction of the Starwatch storyline. The Wrecking Ball mech itself is simply a sleek grey and gold recolour with bright blue lights, making sure you look sleek as you zoom on by. 

To pick up the Wrecking Ball Astronaut Skin in Overwatch 2, you need to complete the Complete Orbit event challenges. This involves completing 5 other Starwatch challenges: if you want to knock this out as soon as possible, try doing the challenges revolving around the Starwatch LTM as all of the challenges are rather simple and quick compared to the other ones. 

Conquer the Complete Orbit challenge and then simply claim it before the May 22nd deadline and Astronaut Hammy will join your crew.

Out of this World Rewards

Out of this World Rewards

Shop Updates

Lastly, like with any major Overwatch event, there is a big store refresh to highlight cosmetics related to Starwatch. During the 3 week

Currently, the featured items include the Legendary 3CH-0 and Starship Engineer skins for Echo and Torbjorn, respectively. You can purchase each of these skins separately during the duration of the event for 1900 Overwatch Coins. On the other hand, you can buy 3CH-0 Starship Engineer in a bundle for 3000 Coins. This bundle comes which some weapon charms, a name card, voice lines and some smaller cosmetics. 

Interestingly, compared to previous seasons, the Season 4 Battle Pass for Overwatch 2 contains a lot of the skins seen in the Starwatch event. Winston, Bastion, Ashe, Doomfist, Mercy and, of course, the Mythic Sigma skin all come from the Battle Pass this time round. Additionally, the Solider 76 and DVA skins are available in the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle or Season 4 Starter Pack. This just leaves Baptiste and Sojourn, meaning that they’re likely to appear in the following weeks for purchase.

Store Refresh

Store Refresh

That was everything you needed to know about the new Starwatch Event in Overwatch 2

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