Overwatch 2’s Mei Temporarily Out of Action

Mei has been removed from all of Overwatch 2’s game modes for bug fixing, the third hero to be taken out of commission in a single month. Unintended side effects to her Ice Wall ability have led to havoc across the community, and left Blizzard with no other choice than to remove her for the time being.

Overwatch 2’s Mei Temporarily Out of ActionFollowing on from the good news that fan-favourite heroes Bastion and Torbjörn have been reinstated and are once again playable after similarly being removed for bug-fixing purposes, Mei has been taken out of action in Overwatch 2.

The official reasoning, given in a Twitter post announcing Mei’s removal, is the fact that her ability allowed “heroes to reach unintended locations”. It appears that Mei’s Ice Wall has some unintended consequences, as canny players have discovered that using it in certain locations allows Mei to wrap herself up the map’s geometry. Mei will return to normal once the ability wears off, but a problem arises if Kiriko teleports to her. Teleporting while Mei is wrapped up in the map’s geometry will pull Kiriko inside, too, only she retains full movement and can explore behind and underneath the map. Needless to say, this has led to all sorts of carnage.

Aaron Keller, Overwatch 2’s director, added more information by saying, “This issue was reproducible in multiple locations and could be used to get behind map geo”. He followed by stating they are currently working hard to fix it.

The good news is Blizzard expects the fix to be in place by 15 November, already promising that Mei will return when a brand-new patch releases that day.


Overwatch 2 has had a rough first month. The game was buggy and broken at launch, with many players unable to enter games – something Blizzard later apologised profusely for, while promising to be open with their updates and bug fixes. Following that, they were subject to repeated DDoS attacks, hampering fixes and matchmaking further. Three heroes have had to be removed for game-breaking bugs that gave certain players an unfair advantage. And the game’s first Seasonal Event, the Halloween Event, Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, was poorly received by fans.

Fingers crossed the worst of this rough patch is over, and it’s smooth sailing for Overwatch 2 from here on out.

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