Overwatch 2 Chat Bug Causes Unwanted Purchases, Skins Missing As Well

A bug tied to Overwatch 2’s chat menu is unintentionally purchasing skins; Blizzard refuses to refund or comment as players become more and more furious.

Overwatch 2 Chat Bug Causes Unwanted Purchases, Skins Missing As Well
Following a rather tumultuous launch, As well as a second DDoS attack, Overwatch 2 has another problem to deal with. An iconic feature of Overwatch is skins, aesthetic layers players can affix to their character(s) of choice to give them a bit of extra flair. Skins were a massive deal in the original Overwatch, especially seasonal variants, which were only available for a short while out of the year, and inspired players to grind like crazy to get them. 

However, players seem to be getting skins they never asked for, tied to a bug in the game’s chat feature. 
Overwatch 2 Chat Bug Causes Unwanted Purchases, Skins Missing As Well reddit post
Dracyoshi goes on to say the best course of action to avoid this situation would be to disable the in-game chat feature while in the hero gallery. As of now, Blizzard has not released a statement about the bug, or the issue of refunds. Refunds on digital content are always a touchy area; Nintendo doesn’t offer them (and explicitly mentions such), nor does Sony, with the one notable case being Cyberpunk 2077, and Steam only offers them within a certain grace period and a low time count. Blizzard’s radio silence on the matter and unwillingness to provide refunds despite the proof players offer of unwanted purchases only adds to the game’s shaky launch.

The problems with skins don’t end there, as players are also finding that their legacy skins from Overwatch 1 aren’t transferring over,  as well as emotes and other aesthetic collectibles. 

Scheduled maintenance is underway, but many players continue to report issues of being unable to login as well as purchased items not appearing in their inventory. 

Blizzard has released a tweet stating known issues and plans to fix, but the issue of refunds for unwanted skins has been pointedly left out. 

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