Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus: How It Works

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the new Battle for Olympus event in Overwatch 2. With a new Limited Time Mode and a free Legendary Mercy skin to earn, the Battle for Olympus event is a nice new addition to Season 2 of Overwatch 2, and here's absolutely everything you need to tackle it.

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus: How it Works

Another new event has made its way to Overwatch 2This time, instead of one of the classic Holiday events or the upcoming Chinese New Year event, Blizzard has introduced the Battle for Olympus.

This event centres on a new Limited Time Mode where players battle with stronger, mightier versions of some of their favourite Heroes in Overwatch. Alongside this fun switch-up, players can grind away at a series of challenges, pick up some new skins at the store and earn a classic Legendary Skin for Mercy just by playing along. 

Here’s how the Battle for Olympus works in Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2 Seasonal Event | Battle for Olympus 2023

Battle for Olympus Limited Time Mode

The Battle for Olympus Event revolves around the new Limited Time Mode of the same name. This mode (which runs from the 5th of January 2023 to the 19th of January 2023) is a 7-man Free for All where each player controls a different Divine Hero dressed up in a newly released Olympic Skin. 

The goal is simple: prove yourself as the best Olympian God. Defeat your opponents, get lots of kills and have fun. 

A few additional things to mention include the health packs and Ultimate Charge power-ups. The former are small green items that, when picked up, provide a chunk of healing or overhealth to keep you in the fight for longer. Meanwhile, the latter are blue capsules that give you about 30% of your Ultimate Charge upon pick up. Considering that using the new and improved Ultimates is the main fun of this new game mode, you’ll surely want to find as many of these around the maps as possible.

Godly Heroes

Perhaps the biggest shakeup in the entire event is how the Battle for Olympus LTM changes the available Hero’s Ultimates. Each of the 7 Heroes will have their Ultimate abilities altered with divine powers, sure to shake up the entire game. These changes can include additional mobility, damage or even entire alterations to how they function. 

First, we have Rammatra’s Divine Annihilation. By taking on the visage of the God of the Ocean Poseidon, Ramattra’s Ultimate changes his Vortex into a large Whirlpool that sucks in and then launches enemies, while his Pummel Attacks throw large water blasts which grow in strength and distance. 

Junker Queen’s Divine Rampage has her stepping into the shoes of Zeus to bring lightning down on her foes. When cast, Junker Queen will perform her normal Rampage move before gaining an additional buff for 20 seconds. During those 20 seconds, her Scattergun has a chance to apply additional lightning damage to her abilities or her normal hits.

Reinhardt’s Divine Earthshatter gives the Tank the ability to embody the fearsome beast of Minos. After using his Ultimate, Reinhardt will gain the following benefits for 20 seconds:

  • He heals when he charges and slams an enemy into a wall.
  • Charging can pin up to 3 enemies at once.
  • The Charge cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds.
  • Wall slams deal lethal damage, extended the 20 seconds duration and set the next Charge cooldown to 0.5 seconds.
Godly Line-Up

Godly Line-Up

Next up is Roadhog’s Divine Whole Hog. When casting his Ultimate, Roadhog becomes the mighty Cyclops, swelling in size for 15 seconds and gaining an additional 600 health. While in this state, his weapon hurls boulders at targets instead of the usual Gatling Gun-style assault and his melee deals 5x the normal damages.  

Pharah’s Divine Rocket Barrage is perhaps the one you will see most often. Pairing the power of Hades’ Underworld with flight and rockets is a match made in… well, Hell. When her Ultimate is cast, Pharah can move while spewing her Rocket Barrage (as opposed to being held in place like normal). After this, she has some additional benefits for 20 seconds:

  • Her Rocket Launcher fires 3-headed rockets. 
  • Jump Jet fuel consumption is greatly reduced.
  • Kills heal Pharah and extend the duration of this effect. 

Widowmaker’s Divine Infra-Sight may be simple compared to her compatriates, but it is no less deadly. When Infra-Sight is active, any enemy looking at you will turn to stone. This makes them an easy pick with a simple shot or two to the head.

Finally, Lucio’s Divine Sound Barrier. As the only Support in the roster, Lucio gains some much-needed offensive abilities from Hermes to keep up with the competition. After popping his Ultimate, he will gain an increase in his mobility and wall-jumping capabilities. His Boop attack will deal more damage and it will briefly stun enemies it hits into walls, whereas his main gun will have infinite ammo for 20 seconds. 

Splash Screen

Splash Screen

Immortalized in Stone

During the event, Blizzard will be counting down which Hero has the highest amount of kills through a leaderboard. Players can contribute to this leaderboard by simply playing the LTM with their preferred Hero.

Once the Battle for Olympus has concluded, the results will be tallied up and the winning Hero will be immortalised on the Illios Ruins map with a stone statue. The best way to stay up to date with the current standing of each Hero is to check out the Overwatch Twitch channel. 

Free Legendary Mercy Skin

Alongside the Battle for Olympus is another free Legendary Skin for players to earn. This time, it is the Winged Victory Skin for Mercy which launched back in Overwatch 1 during a Summer Event. This is a beautiful Greek-themed skin where Mercy is dressed up in classic Greek garb with a staff themed after the Olympic Torch. 

Now, new players or those who didn’t quite manage to net this skin back in Overwatch 1 can get their hands on it through this event. Be quick, though, as the opportunity will disappear alongside the event when Battle for Olympus leaves on January 19th. 

So, how do you unlock this skin? Just like with the Ice Queen Brigitte Skin, you’ll have to complete some challenges.

Unlock the Winged Victory Skin for free by completing challenges - Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus

Winged Victory Skin

Event Challenges

There are a total of 18 Battle for Olympus Challenges for players to complete. Some of these award Titles, some of these award Voice Lines and others award Battle Pass experience. Some of these challenges seem pretty grindy or challenging for most players to complete.

Fortunately, you only need to complete 6 Challenges to get the Winged Victory skin for Mercy. 

The full list of challenges are:

  • Olympian Champion: Win 10 games in Battle for Olympus.
  • Blessing of Hephaestus: Pick up 20 overhealth power-ups.
  • Nectar of the Gods: Pick up 5 Ultimate Charge power-ups.
  • Pride of Poseidon: Earn 300 Final Blows with Poseidon Ramattra.
  • Zeus’ Favourite Child: Earn 300 Final Blows with Zeus Junker Queen.
  • Master of Minotaurs: Earn 300 Final Blows with Minotaur Reinhardt. 
  • Scion of Cyclops: Earn 300 Final Blows with Cyclops Roadhog.
  • Sentinel of Hades: Earn 300 Final Blows with Hades Pharah.
  • Acolyte of Medusa: Earn 300 Final Blows with Medusa Widowmaker.
  • Herald of Hermes: Earn 300 Final Blows with Hermes Lucio.

There are also 7 other Challenges known as the Voice of Challenges. These correspond to each of the 7 Heroes and ask you to get 25 Final Blows with that character during their Ultimate, rewarding you with a unique Voice Line for completion. 

Complete any 6 of these 18 challenges and the Winged Victory skin is yours.

Challenge List

Challenge List

Shop Updates

Finally, during the 2-week stay of Battle for Olympus, the shop will be overrun with new Greek-themed cosmetics and Skins. This does include several of the skins which players will use during the Battle for Olympus game mode. 

While the Poseidon, Zeus and Pharah skins are all tied to the Premium Battle Pass, the remaining 4 Greek skins are sure to make their way to the shop should they take your fancy. As of week 1 of the event, all Greek skins are available in bundles for anywhere between 1900 Overwatch Coins and 2200 Overwatch Coins (you can also buy them standalone during their stay in the shop for 1900 coins). 

Shop Rotation

Shop Rotation

That is everything you need to know about the Battle for Olympus Event in Overwatch 2

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