God of War Ragnarok Combat Trailer Shows Off New Enemies and Abilities

Today, Sony released a new trailer for God of War Ragnarok featuring elevated combat from the upcoming release. The trailer highlights a slew of new abilities, enemy types, and upgrades to companion attacks.

God of War Ragnarok Combat Trailer Shows Off New Enemies and Abilities

This morning, Sony released a new trailer featuring insights into the combat mechanics of God of War Ragnarok. 

The trailer features several devs from the team at Sony Santa Monica Studio. In the short video, the devs highlight some of the improvements made to the combat mechanics that will greatly elevate the game from its 2018 predecessor. 

“After the last game, we heard the community cry out for more mini bosses, bigger creatures, and enemy variety” says Stephan Oyarijivbie, Combat Designer on the upcoming release, “and this time we really leaned into that.”

Stephan mentions that players will be traveling to all nine realms and each realm comes with its own variety of enemies. And as the player progresses, Kratos gets stronger, and players will be able to unlock many new abilities for the Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe. 

One such ability is the addition of combat grapple. Players will be able to use the Blades of Chaos to grapple enemies, pull them in, and deal a deadly combo. Outside of combat, players will be able to use the grapple ability as a means of traversing the map. 

Another added traversal mechanic is Kratos’ prefall attacks. Players will have the ability to jump off a ledge and deal damage to enemies from above. 

In addition to weapon upgrades, shield mechanics have been improved upon as well. Players will be able to lean into their own combat style whether it be parrying or blocking. Of course, traditional hack and slash is always an option, too. 

Another change the God of War Ragnarok combat trailer showcased was improved combat with Atreus. 

“Some of the expanded companion actions you’ll see Atreus do leverage the fact that he’s older now…” remarks Roberto Clemente, Senior Combat Animator, “and he’s different from Kratos, so his magic has a different flavor.”

Not only will Atreus have new, more powerful abilities, but the pair will fight more collaboratively now as well. 

God of War Ragnarok will release on November 9th on PS4 and PS5. 


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