God of War Ragnarok: Where to Find All Berserker Gravestones

Here is where to find all of the Berserker Gravestones in God of War Ragnarok and some advice on all of the different Berserker Souls you will be fighting. In his journey across the Nine Realms, Kratos will encounter 12 different spectral bosses trapped in a variety of stone Graves, the exact locations of which will be revealed in this guide.

God of War Ragnarok: Where to Find All Berserker Gravestones

There are a lot of different activities to do in the Realms of God of War RagnarokOne of the most challenging and engaging sets of activities is the Berserk Gravestones.

The Berserker Gravestones are stone monuments that dot several different Realms housing the spirits of several violent warriors. Kratos can battle and defeat these Berserker Souls to obtain powerful gear, upgrades and Runic Attacks, making them worthy of finding and chasing down. Especially because defeating them all unlocks one of God of War Ragnarok’s pinnacle endgame boss fights. 

Here is where to find all 12 Berserkers and their Gravestones in God of War Ragnarok. 

This will contain spoilers for after the main story quest Forging Destiny.

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How to Unlock Berserker Gravestones

You can encounter the Berserker Gravestones across the various Realms of God of War Ragnarok but they will be still unusable. To activate them, Kratos needs to progress to a certain point in the story. 

That point is The Path quest Words of Fate. During your search for the Norns, you will cross a combat arena in an area called The King’s Grave. After defeating all the nearby enemies, Kratos will find a standard sword hilt on the ground and the group will muse at its mystery.


This Hilt is what will allow you to battle the undead spirits of the Berserkers – blasphemous warriors locked in stone Graves around the Nine Realms. There are 12 Berserker Souls to kill but there are only 9 Gravestones as some contain the spirit of more than one Berserker. 

With the Hilt in hand, you can venture to and fight the Berserkers. A word of caution: it is recommended that you at least complete the next main story quest called Forging Destiny because the item you receive from that quest is very useful and required for some of the Graves. 

The King's Grave

The King’s Grave

Midgard Grave

The first Grave is very close to where you first find the Hilt during the Words of Fate Quest. Go to the Lake of the Nine Mystic Gateway (the one nearest to Brok and Sindri’s Shop) and then head towards the King’s Grave. 

On your way, keep an eye out on the left side of the Lake and you will see an ominous glowing Gravestone in front of one of the Realm Gates. This is the Berserker Gravestone. To activate it, simply walk up and activate it which will start the fight.

The Berserker trapped in this grave is Fraekni the Zealous. This Berserker will likely be where you learn a lot of the generic attacks and abilities shared by most of the other Souls. 

Fraekni themselves uses a dual-handed battle axe, focusing heavily on close-range unblockable attacks. One of their signature attacks is an unblockable gap-closer attack that can come from the other end of the arena in a short, sharp burst. The best way to deal with this Berserker is to be as relentless as possible, keeping them staggered and off balance so you can deal good damage. Avoid their unlockables with dodges and you should be fine.

The Zealous

The Zealous

Svartalfheim Graves

Svartalfheim has 3 different Berserker Graves across the entire Realm. 

The Forge

The first Grave you will likely visit is in The Forge… technically. This Grave is located by Nidavellir Beach, where you first meet Durlin, and you back to this location after completing the Forging Destiny main story quest. The Grave is sat directly on the beach. 

The Forge Map

The Forge Map

This Berserker is called Hardrefill the Callous. He wields a massive sword and focuses mainly on defence-breaking attacks. 

The majority of the attacks from this Berserker will be defence-breaking combos and leaping attacks that need to be parried or avoided. If not, the Berserker will leave you wide up and combo you very easily. It does have a few other attacks such as an unblockable attack where he leaps into the sky before coming on Kratos a few seconds later (this attack is shared by a few other Berserkers). 

The Callous

The Callous

Alberich Island

The next Berserker Gravestone is located at the Northern end of the Bay of Bounty. Specifically, you need to head to Alberich Island. This is the North-most island in the Bay of Bounty and the Grave will be sitting right in the middle of the island.

This Berserker is Beigadr the Feared. Beigadr has an affinity for lightning attacks and spells, including several long-ranged lightning attacks that will paralyse you on hit. Fortunately, a lot of these attacks can be parried or avoided easily.

The Feared

The Feared

Jarnsmida Pitmines

The last Berserker Gravestone is located back in the Jarnsmida Pitmines, the area where Kratos and Atreus fall and kill their first Troll. Getting back here is a bit tricky, though. 

Head to the first Mystic Gateway in Svartalfheim and take the Dwarven Ferry back to the exit of the Applecore. With the Draupnir Spear in hand, you’ll see a bunch of new areas to progress through and unlock – one of these areas takes you back to the entrance of the Applecore where Kratos and Atreus rode a boat deeper into the mines. From there, you can exit back into the Jarnsmida Pitmines.

The Grave will be waiting for you right as you leave. 

The final Berserkers in Svartalheim come in a pair. This Gravestone contains Bodvar the Fierce and Starolfr the Troublesome. 

The main gimmick of this pair is that they will teleport in and out of combat as Kratos fights them. You may be damaging one, they will teleport, and the other will replace them. This means that the fight can drag on a bit but, overall, it isn’t particularly difficult and most of their attacks are easily dealt with by blocking or dodging. 

The Fierce and The Troublesome

The Fierce and The Troublesome

Alfheim Graves

There are 2 Berserker Graves in Alfheim, the Realm of the Elves. 

The Barrens

The first Gravestone is located in The Barrens. This is the first secret area that’s unlocked after your first excursion through Alfheim. 

The Gravestone is located to the South-East end of the map, nestled in a nook of rocks. Around the Grave is a massive arena covered in pillars and bones, with the ominous green glowing Grave at its centre. Approach to begin the fight.

Said fight is against the Berserker Hjalti the Stolid. He wields two big maces and will often engage Kratos with long combos with a mix of defence-breaking and unblockable attacks. Despite this, he does have two attacks to be aware of: the first is an unblockable gap closer where he will jump at you whereas the second is an attack that you need to break with your shield. Keep these in mind, parry a lot and Hjalti should go down easy. 

The Stolid

The Stolid

The Forbidden Sands

The other Gravestone rests in the other hidden area of Alfheim: The Forbidden Sands. You can get to The Forbidden Sands via a gateway in The Barrens, but this gateway is locked. By this point in the story, you’ll have the upgraded version of the Chisel and you’ll be able to get into the Forbidden Sands.

As soon as you enter the area, make a left until you hit the wall. Nestled in another nook of the canyon will be the Gravestone. 

This is a special (and frustrating) Grave as it has 3 Berserkers instead of just 1 or 2. Those are the Sisters of Illska and Svipdagr the Cold. 

Svipdagr the Cold wields two hand axes and has combos similar to his Alfheim companion Hjalti. Lots of defence-breaking and unblockable close-range combos. In truth, he’s pretty simple but the problem comes because you’re not fighting just him. The Sisters will often get in your way and interrupt you with long-ranged elemental attacks, stopping you from dealing consistent damage. 

The Sisters have several annoying elemental attacks including a homing ball of fire that can be prematurely detonated with a ranged attack. They can also shoot ice and fire at you in a pattern of four that must be dodged or summon the elements from the sky in several quick AoE attacks. The main difficulty of the Sisters is just the fact that they exist: on their own, they are pretty easy but alongside Svipdagr, you can very easily be blindsided and taken out. 

The Cold and The Sisters

The Cold and The Sisters

Vanaheim Graves

There are 2 Berserker Gravestones in the humid Realm of Vanaheim. 

Pilgrim’s Landing

It’s located in Pilgrim’s Landing, a small area South of Freyr’s Camp. To get here, simply travel to Freyr’s Camp Mystic Gateway and head south along the river. Eventually, you’ll come across a series of wrecked buildings and structures suspended in the water. On the Western bank of the Landing is an area you can park your boat. 

On that small stretch of land will probably be a few Reavers defending the Gravestone. Kill them and then activate the Grave to start the fight. 

The Vanaheim Gravestone contains Hvitserkr the Bold. The main thing about this fight is that Hvitserkr acts as a sort of necromancer or summoner, creating additional mobs and enemies for you to combat while still fighting him. These enemies include Reavers and Nightmares, both of which can make the fight more irritating than hard. He can also spawn Legion from the ground right below you, dealing damage and giving you yet another thing to fight.

Aside from spawning enemies, the Berserker Soul uses poison and Sedr magic against you. This includes having him throw balls of poison at you (which can be parried and deflected back) and a barrage of poison darts. If you can block and parry effectively, Hvitserkr is relatively sorted. Use wide-ranged Runic Attacks against the adds and this Berserker should fall. 

The Bold

The Bold

The Sinkholes (Part 1)

The final Vanaheim Gravestone takes some travel to get to. That’s because it’s in the area known as The Crater, a secret area unlocked after the Creatures of Prophecy main story quest. To unlock it, leave Freyr’s Camp after the Creatures of Prophecy quest where the group’s dog, Helka, will ask you to follow her. This will begin the Scent of Survival Favour which unlocks the Crater after completion. 

When you first enter the Crater, it’ll be empty and devoid of water. You need this water to progress through the Sinkholes and get to the Berserker Gravestone. To refill the Crater, make your way to the Jungle which is South-West of the Plains (the area you just enter). Complete The Return of the River Favour by going to the locked Dam to let the water flow free once more. 

Now that the water is back, make your way to the Sinkholes by going South-East of the Plains. Once you get to the Sinkholes Entrance Mystic Gateway, you can begin your journey to the Grave.

  1. Climb the ledge nearby and you’ll find yourself in a large central opening. A Dragon called The Ash Tyrant will attack you and upon fending it off, head right to find a chain. Pull it to open the nearby gate.
  2. Return to the Mystic Gateway and enter the boat across the river. Head right into the tunnel and you can pass through the previously locked gate, to the area where Ash Tyrant attacked you. You can dock nearby.

After you’ve docked, head right up the stairs and you will find the Berserker Gravestone resting in the middle of the platform. 

The Sinkholes (Part 2)

This Berserker Soul is called Haklangr the Bearded. The Bearded’s main gimmick is that throughout the fight he will up one of the three elemental shields. These can be broken by any attack but are most effectively taken down by the corresponding weapon: 

  • Red shields need the Blades of Chaos
  • Blue shields need the Leviathan Axe
  • Gray shields need the Draupnir Spear

The Bearded will generate one or two of these shields randomly during the fight. Aside from that, he will use his big Warhammer to deliver a lot of heavy unblockable attacks. The most potent of these is a massive unblockable AoE that must be escaped to avoid big damage.

The Bearded

The Bearded

Niflheim Grave

The last Gravestone is in the Realm of Niflheim. The tricky part about Niflheim is that the Yggdrasil Seed you receive from Ratatoskr only takes you to the Raven Tree, not the Mist Fields where the Gravestone is located. 

To get to the Gravestone you’ll need to complete the main story and get to the quest Beyond Ragnarok. After that, return to Ratatoskr and he will give several other Yssgdrasil Seeds to access previously inaccessible parts of the Realms. This includes the Mist Fields in Niflheim. 

Return to Niflheim via the newly unlocked Mystic Gateway and simply make your way down the linear path. The Gravestone will be waiting for you at the end. 

The final Berserker is called Skjothendi the Unerring. The main mechanic of this encounter is that you will be contending with the element of Bifrost. The majority of Skjothendi’s attacks will inflict you with Bifrost, even if you block or parry them. If you get hit enough after that point, the Bifrost will detonate and take a big chunk of your health. 

Some of the Berserker’s signature attacks include one where they will leap into the air, holding their hands out to both sides. This attack is unblockable but if you hit them with a ranged attack from the Leviathan Axe of Draupnir Spear, it will drop them out of the attack and leave them open. Aside from that watch out for a lot of the usual attacks that the Berserkers use only with a Bifrost flavour on top. 

The Last Berserker

The Last Berserker

That is where to find all of the Berserker Gravestones in God of War Ragnarok. Now that you have killed all 12 Berserker Souls, return to the King’s Grave in Midgard for one final test: King Hrolf Kraki, the Cursed King.

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