God of War Ragnarok: All Odin’s Ravens Locations

This guide will show you the location of all 48 Odin's Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. Just like in God of War (2018), Odin has spread his Ravens across the Nine Realms in plenty of hidden and obscure locations. In this guide, you will learn where all the Ravens are, the best ways to take them down and what rewards you get for doing so.

God of War Ragnarok: All Odin's Ravens Locations

God of War Ragnarok asks players to pick up a lot of little knick-knacks and collectables in their journey through the Nine Realms. Odin’s Ravens are one such collectable that you will likely spend most of your time in God of War Ragnarok finding. 

Odin is the All-Seeing God and as he did back in God of War (2018), he has placed 48 of his Ravens in various places across the Realms. Kratos can kill these Ravens to get some special rewards and complete a long-running Favour. It’s worth doing and gives you something to keep an eye out for as you venture from Realm to Realm.

Here’s where to find all 48 Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok.

This will contain spoilers for large parts of God of War Ragnarok

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Odin’s Ravens and Niflheim

The first time you find and kill a Raven, it will automatically start the Eyes of Odin Favour. From there, you can track exactly how many Ravens you have killed across all the Realms.

Once you return to Sindri’s house after your first trip to Svartalfheim, you’ll meet Ratatoskr, the squirrel who tends to Yggdrasil. He will ‘clean’ off a Yggdrasil Seed that Kratos got from Durlin, allowing him access to the Realm of Niflheim. 


Niflheim itself is an immense Realm of ice and cold, uninhabited by most mortal beings save for a few. The area of Niflheim that the Seed takes you to is The Raven Tree. This is a gargantuan tree of spines and frozen feathers where the spirits of Odin’s Ravens amass. 

You will be revisiting the Raven Tree several times across your journey. This is the place where you get rewarded for freeing a certain number of Ravens and get more lore and information as the spirits lament their treatment at the hands of Odin. 

So, what rewards can you get from freeing the Ravens?



Rewards for Killing Odin’s Ravens

Surrounding The Raven Tree are 6 Legendary Chests. Kratos can open these at different intervals depending on how many of the Ravens you have killed. 

  • 6 Ravens Killed: The Girdle of Raven Tears
  • 12 Ravens Killed: Bracers of Raven Tears
  • 18 Ravens Killed: Cuirass of Raven Tears
  • 28 Ravens Killed: Breath of Thamur Runic Attack (Leviathan Axe)
  • 38 Ravens Killed: Meteoric Slam Runic Attack (Blades of Chaos)
  • 48 Ravens Killed: Finger of Ruin Runic Attack (Draupnir Spear)

These rewards can be collected at any time and will be accompanied by some new lore and dialogue from the Ravens themselves. 

Armour of Raven Tears

Armour of Raven Tears

Svartalfheim Ravens

There are a total of 13 Ravens in Svartalfheim.

Aurvangar Wetlands

There is one of Odin’s Ravens in the Aurvangar Wetlands.

As soon as you exit the Aurvangar Wetlands Mystic Gateway, stop before you reach the boat. Look towards your left and you’ll see the Raven perched on a large rock structure.


There is a single Raven in the Dwarven city of Nidavellir.

As soon as you dock your boat and make your way into the city, you’ll find yourself standing before a massive statue of Odin. Atop one of the nearby buildings (the one with the waterwheel), the Raven is watching over the statue, making easy work for your Axe.

The Watchtower

The next few Ravens all lurk around the Bay of Bounty. 

Another Raven lurks around the Watchtower in the middle of the Bay of Bounty. Make your way up to the Draugr Hole on the Watchtower. The Raven will be flying around this arena, dipping in and out of sight below the platform. 

Radsvinn’s Rig

One more Raven is located at Radsvinn’s Rig.

Head towards the Rig from the Watchtower Mystic Gateway and you’ll be asked to use the Blades to reach a high-up ledge. Immediately after this, look left to see a crane with a metal hook. The Raven is perched neatly on the said hook. 

Alberich Hollow

Alberich’s Hollow houses one more Raven. This area cannot be accessed or explored until after the main story quest Forging Destiny so proceed with caution. 

The only way to access Alberich’s Hollow is to head to Dragon Beach after you get the Draupnir Spear. This will allow you to scale the walls and footholds and get to the inner depths of the Hollow.

The Raven is waiting near a tree just after the first pile of gold. You need to use a nearby Fire Bomb to destroy the god and open the path. 

Lyngbakr Island

One Raven rests on Lyngbakr Island. To get this island to, well, exist, you need to complete the Favour The Weight of Chains.

Once the Lyngbakr has risen out of the water, you can climb up it and explore its back. One area of the Lyngbakr is covered in destructible gold and you need to backtrack to a previous area and grab a Fire Bomb to destroy it. Now that the gold is out of the way, you can get to the Legendary Chest it is hiding. 

Next to the chest is a hole in the wall. Climb through it and at the other side will be the glowing green Raven, wide open for an attack. 

Althjof’s Rig

Another Raven waits at Athjof’s Rig.

For this Raven, simply dock the boat and then ascend the ledge. The Raven is right in front of you, hidden away behind some broken boards and wood. 

Alberich Island

The final Ravens in the Bay of Bounty are located on Alberich Isle, the Northernmost island in the Bay. To explore this island and find the two Ravens, you will need to have completed Forging Destiny. 

Now that you have the Draupnir Spear, you can continue further into the island. The first Raven is flying around right as you climb the first Spear, just off the side of the cliff. Time your ranged attack and it will go down quickly. 

The second Raven is further in. You can see this one on the water, but you obviously cannot kill it because you’re in the boat. Instead, you need to continue further into the island. Near the lever puzzle (which requires using the Leviathan Axe to freeze certain parts of the gears), there is a hole in the wall where the Raven can be seen. Throw your Axe (or Spear) and the Raven is yours.

The Forge

The next two Ravens are in the Forge.

The first Raven can be seen as soon as you depart the carriage from Durin’s house. It will be flying around the rocks and crevasses viewable from the wooden bridge.

The second Raven can be acquired during the Forging Destiny quest. Until that point, this Raven is inaccessible. 

Once you are undertaking the Forging Destiny quest, simply make your way through until you reach the top of the Forge. This is where the Lady waits and Brok asks you to gather some materials. The Raven is above a glowing yellow part of the wall, watching over you.

Jarnsmida Pitmines

One Raven has made their home in the Jarnsmida Pitmines. 

It will be flying around the skies above the open water. The easiest place to catch this bird is to go just past the Nornir chest, where an opening in the wall will allow your Axe easy access to the Raven. 

The Applecore

The last Svartalfheim Raven is found in the Applecore Mines. If you missed this on your first go around Svartafheim you will need to have completed Forging Destiny to return here and access the Raven.

This Raven is waiting above the scaffolding near the final door to Tyr (that door leads to the cramped narrow hallway where you initially find Tyr). The Raven is sat next to a wall that Kratos can shimmy across.

Alfheim Ravens

Alfheim houses 10 of 48 of Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. 

The Strond

The first Alfheim Raven is located in The Strond, the area where Kratos and company first spawn.

To get to the Raven, follow the path you take during the main story quest Groa’s Secrets from The Strond Mystic Gateway. After squeezing through a wall and descending some jumps, you will come to an open area littered with the bodies of Elves and the Temple of Light in the distance. 

The Raven is perched on a tree along this main path. 

Temple of Light

There are two Ravens in the Temple of Light.

The first can be found relatively early on. Near a bridge overlooking the Well of Souls (Tyr broke some crystals to help Kratos and Atreus get across), you have to climb a spiral staircase. Just before a big archway halfway up the stairs, the left of the stairway gives way to a jump.

Head down to find the Raven neatly perched behind a metal grate. You must bounce your Leviathan Axe off of the crystals nearby to kill the bird.

The second Raven in the Temple of Light is waiting a bit later in the Temple. After Kratos and Tyr create a Light Bridge by breaking some statues, continue onwards to find the lower half elevator funnelling the Light of Alfheim. You’ll know that you’re going the right way because you pass a Nornir Chest.

The Raven is waiting still on a platform just over from the main path. 

The Canyons

There is only one Raven in the Canyons.

This Raven is flying high above the Canyon walls and can be seen from several locations. If you’re lucky, you may be able to catch it with your Axe from the ground, but the easiest place to go is to The Canyons Mystic Gateway. From there, turn around and you should see the Raven flying around the large rock nearby. 

The Barrens

The large open Barrens area has two Ravens in it.

The first is located by the large gazebo-like area to the North of the Barrens. This place has some lore, a Dark Elf boss to fight and a chest or two. The Raven is perched just outside of this place on a tree, making short work for your Axe.

Meanwhile, the other Raven is waiting still in the eye socket of the massive Leviathan resting in the sands. Head over to the skeleton of the beast and look into its right eye to see the glowing green Raven hiding within. 

The Forbidden Sands

Last up in Alfheim is the Forbidden Sands. There are a total of four Ravens in this area. To get to this location you need to have completed the first trip to Vanaheim with Freya.

The first Raven is pretty easy to find. As soon as you enter the Sands from the Hjarta make a right to the large rock with wooden scaffolding all around it. Look around it for a bit and eventually, the glowing green form of the Raven will make itself known. 

The next Raven can be found to the South-West of the Sands, nestled into a corner. When you get to this location, you’ll see a bunch of wooden spikes and ropes leading to a ledge. Jump up that ledge to find a trapped Troll, some lore and easy access to the Raven right next to it. 

To find the third Raven head to the Statue of Freyr. As soon as you enter the location and begin crossing the Light Bridge you will see the Raven flying back and forth above. Take it out swiftly and cleanly.

The final Raven is a bit trickier to find. First, go to the Library of the Elves on the Eastern side of the Forbidden Sands. Normally, you climb the stairs of the ledge to enter. However, to get to the Raven approach the pile of Dark Elf corpses to find a breakable part of the wall. 

Once it has been destroyed, enter the chamber to find an underground area of the Library. The Raven will be flying around the left side of the cavern. 

Midgard Ravens

Midgard lays claim to 6 of Odin’s Ravens.

Lake of Nine

There are two available Ravens in the Lake of Nine.

The first can be found just West of the frozen lightning bolt. When in this area, you will notice a small tunnel has been carved away in the ice. Enter this tunnel to find the Raven patient waiting on a chunk of ice and sleet.

The second Lake of Nine Raven is found near the Raider Hideout to the East of the Lake. When coming off of the Lake and onto this small narrow stretch of road, you’ll see two massive stone-like doors at the end. The Raven is perched on the right door, watching over you. 

The Oarsmen

There is a single Raven to be found inside the Oarsmen.

You can access the Oarsmen by vaulting over some broken pillars near the Alfheim Tower. You should retread the area where Sindri and Atreus traversed during their adventure to meet Freya.

Once you’re inside the Oarsmen, you’ll eventually find yourself in an area where you have to fight a Centaur in an icy outdoor arena. When that fight has concluded, look towards the metal chain that will lead you out of this place. Just above the chain is a massive carving of a man holding an oar, with the glowing green form of the Raven nestled close by.

The Derelict Outpost

The Derelict Outpost has a total of two Ravens to find. 

The first Raven can be found as you’re approaching the Outpost. On your way to the structure, you will pass under the ruins of a large wooden boat. The Raven is sitting on the underside of the wreckage. 

The second Raven is rather simple. When you first enter the main chamber of the Derelict Outpost, you’ll be met with a series of cranes and levers to pull that will allow Kratos to the other side. Atop one of these cranes is the Raven, patiently waiting to be splatted by your Axe.

The Well of Urd

The final Midgard Raven is in the Well of Urd where Kratos and Freya visit the Norns. Return to the top of the peak where you entered the Well itself and you’ll find a small campfire. Turn back towards the vast Realm of Midgard and you’ll see the Raven on a ruined piece of stonework on the cliff face.

Vanaheim Ravens

There are 15 of Odin’s Ravens in Vanaheim. 

The Southern Wilds

The first Raven in Vanaheim is pretty easy to find. When you first enter Vanaheim via the Southern Wilds Mystic Gateway, continue on the main path until you see a break to the left. Down that path will be a small lake or pond and the Raven will be helplessly flying above it.

Freyr’s Camp

A single Raven is hanging around the area surrounding Freyr’s Camp. However, it may be difficult to access on your first visit – you may have to progress up to the Creatures of Prophecy before it becomes accessible.

To get to this Raven, head out the dual wooden doors in Freyr’s Camp. Once you cross the bridge, head right into the winding tunnels and cave systems. When you leave the cave, head left and you will see several large trees. 

The Raven is perched on one of them. Due to its colouration, you may want to visit here during the nighttime as it will be easier to see. 

Eastern Barri Woods

The next Raven is found in the Eastern Barri Woods. The path you need to take will be blocked during your first visit. You will need to progress to the Creatures of Prophecy quest to continue.

Once you reach the Eastern Barri Woods, your left path to the Abandoned Village will be blocked from the other side. Instead, you will have to blast down the wall using the Draupnir Spear and take the alternative path. 

After you exit the cave, turn around and look skyward. The Raven will be resting on a large tree which partially covers the cave entrance. 

The Abandoned Village

There is another Raven in the Abandoned Village area of Vanaheim. Like with the previous Raven, the area you need is locked until the Creatures of Prophecy questline. 

Once you have made your way back to the Village during this quest, you will fight in the abandoned halls of the central building against a group of Asgard’s forces. You’ll then be asked to chase a specific foe who has stolen the Moon, as they exit the building. 

The Raven is sitting across the river in a tree trunk. Quickly move across the nearby gazebo and you’ll have easy access to the Raven.

River Delta

The River Deta portion of the map has two Ravens. You can travel down this River after you finish your first trip to Vanaheim. 

The first of the two Ravens is located nearby Pilgrim’s Landing. You will likely spot the Raven as you’re boating around, but you will be unable to kill it. Instead, dock the boat and make your way through Pilgrim’s Landing until you get to the Legendary Chest. 

Through a hole in the architecture to the left of the chest, you can spy the Raven. Fling your axe through the hole and another of Odin’s Eyes has been blinded. 

The other Raven in the River Delta is a bit further in. Like the last one, you will probably see it as you are riding the boat and be unable to act. 

The path to get this Raven is a bit longer than the last. You’ll need to travel down the Veiled Passage and make your way through a Sedr encampment. Once you reach the other side, you will be greeted by a Lore Tablet and a chain allowing you to get back to the Cliffside Ruins. 

Stand next to said Lore Tablet and the Raven will be right in your line of sight.

The Veiled Passage

One Raven can be found in the Veiled Passage that connects the River Delta and the Goddess Falls. You will need to travel down this path to reach the previous Raven. 

You have to dock your boat at some point in the Passage. At this point, you’ll be met by a blockade of wooden stakes, which when broken down leads to a room of poisonous plants. After you’ve dealt with them, you can climb the wall and at the top, you will see a collapsed part of the wall. 

The Raven is waiting for you an outstretched plant right next to the ledge.

Goddess Falls

There’s one Raven in Goddess Falls.

Once you have made it to Goddess Falls and docked your boat, you’ll immediately be able to see the Raven flying around. At ground level, it’ll be pretty hard to hit using your ranged weaponry. 

Instead, climb up the cliff side until you reach the very top. Once you’re at the peak, the Raven will fly right in front of you and be easy for you to pick off. 

The Plains

The next 3 areas are located in The Crater, a secret area unlocked via a Favour. Said Favour is The Scent of Survival and it is unlocked after the main story quest Creatures of Prophecy. 

The Plains is the central area in the Crater and it has a total of 5 Ravens. It is recommended that, before you explore the Plains fully, you visit the Jungle and complete Return of the River. This will open up a lot of different areas required for Raven hunting. 

The first Raven is found in a cave to the West of the Plains. You have to jump from platform to platform and the Raven is hiding below the lip of one of the platforms. Position yourself just right and you can skewer it with your ranged attacks.

For the next Raven, head to the large bit of land that makes up the Western part of the Plains. Nearby this location will be a small marsh area and a locked gate, but ignore that and turn to look at the frozen lightning bolt. Head towards it and the Raven will be on sitting nearby on a pile of rocks.

For this fourth Raven, you will need to travel to the lair of the Plains Dragon. You will come here during the Favour For Vanaheim, which you receive automatically when you reach the Crater. 

Once you have bested the Dragon, you can poke around its lair a bit. Nestled in the back of the lair is a pretty sizable hole, where Odin’s Raven has decided to make its home. 

The next Raven can be easily destroyed by heading to the Eastern Plains Mystic Gateway. Go to Brok and Sindri’s shop and then look across to see another rocky platform. The Raven is sitting on the other side. 

The easiest way to get this final Raven is to undertake the Dreki Dragon Hunt in the Plains. You can access the Dreki’s Den at night via the River. Afterwards, you are free to walk around the area where you fought it – waiting patiently for you on a stack of rocks will be the last Plains Raven.

The Jungle

The Jungle only has a single Raven, but to get to it you need to do a few things.

First, you need to complete the Return of the River Favour, which asks you to unclog the Dam stopping water from reaching the Crater. Completion of this Favour returns water to the Crater and allows boat travel across every part of the area.

When you first enter the Jungle, you should have encountered a very angry Ogre across the river. It would throw rocks at you and without the proper ability to get over to it, you simply had to flee. Now that the water is back, though, you can take the boat to where the Ogres were located and slip on into the arena through a side entrance.

Beat the Ogres, watch as one is scooped up by the dragon roaming the area and when all is said and done, you will be left alone with the Raven. It is perched above the chest left in the arena once the action cools down. 

The Sinkholes

Lastly for Vanaheim is the Sinkholes. This area has a single Raven within and it can be a bit of a puzzle to find. 

First, complete the Return of the River Favour to return water to the Crater. With this, the Sinkholes are now fully explorable, where it was previously dried up and useless.

The easiest way to get to this Raven is to follow The Burning Skies Favour, which tasks you with defeating a Dragon in the Sinkholes. To begin the quest, go to the Sinkholes Entrance Mystic Gateway:

  1. Climb up the ledge nearby to the Mystic Gateway and you will find yourself in a large open area. The Dragon will attack you here and, after fending it off, you can move to the right side of the chamber to pull a chain.
  2. Afterwards, return to the Mystic Gateway and get into the boat across the river. Go right and you can now enter the opening where you fought the Dragon (which before was locked via a gate). 
  3. Dock the boat and then head left to find another chain. Once the chain has been pulled, another gate will open. Get back in the boat and ride through the newly opened gate.
  4. After exiting the cavern, you are very likely to see the Raven perched on a nearby ledge (you cannot kill it right now). Instead, dock your boat at the nearby dock and continue into the structure to progress The Burning Skies.

From this point, follow the path that the Favour takes you until your eventually fight with Ash Tyrant. Once it has been killed, you are free to roam around the arena, where you can peek over the edge and spot the Raven. Simply fling your Axe and say hello to a job well done. 

Helheim Ravens

There are two of Odin’s Ravens in Helheim, the Norse Realm of the dead.

You can only kill these Ravens after undertaking a specific part of the story. Before that point, they will be inaccessible, even if you are in Helheim. You must complete the Reunion main story quest (or at least have put a stop to Garm) before the Ravens become accessible.

The first Helheim Raven can be spotted right after your final fight with Garm. To get back to the Mystic Gateway you have to travel through a locked gate, opened using Runic Arrows. The Raven is patiently waiting on the other side of the gate. Another tip but if you want to see something cool, make sure to head right at the crossroads that the Raven is situated on – you’ll run into another, bigger bird than just the Raven.

The last Helheim Raven is back near the Mystic Gateway. From the Gateway, simply head South on the main path until you see some rubble and a dead soldier laying against it. The Raven is flying helplessly around the sky around this area, easy to pick off using the Draupnir Spear.

Muspelheim Ravens

There are two of Odin’s Ravens in the fiery Realm of Muspelheim

You can only access these Ravens after progressing through the main story. Even if you unlock Muspelheim and the Crucible early via the Muspelheim Seed, you will not be able to get to the area where the Ravens reside. You need to get to the mission The Summoning to kill these Ravens – in fact, you need to beat this mission before they spawn in. 

The first Muspelheim Raven is waiting for you as you exit the Spark of the World and back into Surtr’s Forge. You will find the Raven perched on an archway embedded into the wall that was previously covered.

The second Muspelheim Raven is waiting for you back near the Mystic Gateway. After Ragnarok has been formed, return to the Burning Cliffs Mystic Gateway. Head down the path until you come to a Legendary Chest next to a broken-down pile of pillars. The Raven is sat amongst the ruins, easily visible from the chest. 

Return to Niflheim

Once you have rescued all 48 Ravens, return to Niflheim. As well as granting you access to the 6 Legendary Chests, killing all the Ravens has progressed The Eyes of Odin Favour to its final stage.

The Raven Keeper will ambush you when you get close, a special Revenant that the Ravens have been chirping about for some time now. She will flee to the Arena where you can finally go and finish her for good. 

The Raven Keeper isn’t too hard of a fight, admittedly. She functions similarly to other Revenants in the game so you need to hit her with an arrow before Kratos can land a clean hit. What is special is that at about 1/3rd of her HP, she will spawn a big ice Dragon called The Pale One to fight you as well. Keep on your toes so that the Dragon doesn’t overwhelm you.

Kill both The Raven Keeper and The Pale One to finish The Eyes of Odin and put the tale of Odin’s Ravens to an end. 

The Raven Keeper

The Raven Keeper

That is where to find every one of Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. 

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