God of War Ragnarok: Across the Realms Quest Guide

This guide will show you how to complete the Across the Realms Favour in God of War Ragnarok, including how to begin the quest, where to find all 4 ingredients and the final reward for completion. Across the Realms asks you to collect several mysterious ingredients for a special recipe, one which will benefit Kratos in his journey ahead.

God War Ragnarok: Across the Realms Quest Guide

Kratos and company have a lot of different distractions and activities to get into across their time in the Nine Realms. Many of these are Favours (also known as side quests). Across the Realms is one of these Favours in God of War Ragnarokone which will require exploring a bunch of different Realms. 

This Favour wants Kratos to collect several ingredients to finish a special recipe that you can find. Finding these on your own can be a bit tricky at times, as they are spread across 4 separate Realms. 

Here’s how to complete the Across the Realms Favour in God of War Ragnarok.

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How to Start Across the Realms

To begin the Across the Realms Favour, you need to head to The Lake of the Nine.  You’re heading towards an area on the map called The Eternal Campfire, near the top-right of the Midgard. 

This area is pretty easy to get to, especially if you have the King’s Grave Mystic Gateway. You will find the Eternal Campfire past the North-Eastern exit of the Lake of the Nine, nearby where you find one of the Hateful’s Draugr Holes. You also pass by this area during The Path, specifically when searching for the Norns. 

The Eternal Campfire Location

The Eternal Campfire Location

When you get to the entrance to the King’s Grave, there will be a branching path. Take the path that leads away from the Grave and you’ll find a small area of icy cliffs and climbable ledges. Once you make it to the top you should a strange and mysterious bonfire. It glows with a multicoloured flame and seems unphased by the frozen climate bought about by Fimbulwinter.

Approach the bonfire and you’ll find a recipe book detailing a series of ingredients. This begins the Across the Realms Favour.

The Mysterious Fire

The Mysterious Fire

Ingredient Locations

This Favour asks you to collect 4 different ingredients from around the Realms. Doing so will allow you to cook and create a special recipe and complete the Favour. 

There are four Realms that need to be visited: Midgard, Alfheim, Svartalfheim and Vanaheim.

Midgard Ingredient

The first ingredient you need is from Midgard. This one is very easy to find and should be your introduction to how the quest works. 

After accepting the Across the Realms Favour, leave the Eternal Campfire via the way you came in. On your exit, you should notice a big heart-shaped symbol painted on a nearby wall. This is the symbol of two legendary cooks, the creators of the ingredients you so desperately seek in this quest. 

Nearby the symbol will be the first ingredient, The Nordic Gourd.

Midgard Ingredients

Midgard Ingredients

Alfheim Ingredient

The next place you should find yourself ingredient hunting is in Alfheim, the Realm of the Elves. You’ll specifically want to go to The Forbidden Sands.

This area is accessible via the Barrens, a similar explorable hub in Alfheim. The two zones are separated via a special Chisel Door which is locked until you have completed the Vanaheim length of The Path. Once your Chisel has been enhanced, return to the Barrens and head to the North-West to find the entrance. 

Once you’re in The Forbidden Sands, start making your way down to the lower half of the map. The ingredient can be found along the edge of the map, next to a large piece of overhanging rock. Be on the lookout for the familiar heart-shaped symbol which will highlight where you need to look. Head under the fallen pillar and the ingredient should be growing inside.

This will be the next ingredient, The Elven Cap.

Svartalfheim Ingredient

Svartalfheim, the Realm of the Dwarves, is the third Realm you’ll be visiting. The area you need to head to is The Forge, the stretch of train tracks and tunnels where several memorable events occur (including Kratos and Atreus’ first encounter with a Dreki). To get back here, go to Nidavellir Beach where you first encounter Durlin and you can ride the train again.

Right next to the entrance to said Dreki lair and nearby one set of broken tracks will be the next heart symbol. The ingredient is growing around the corner, and out looking a beautiful view of the Dwarven Realm. 

The third ingredient awaits you here, the Bantam Melon.

Vanaheim Ingredient

The final ingredient is in Vanaheim, but it can be kind of tricky to find. That is because it isn’t in the main jungle area of Vanaheim, but instead in a secret area known as The Crater. 

To unlock The Crater, players will need to progress The Path until the quest Creatures of Prophecy. After you have returned to Freyr’s Camp and begin to make your way to a Mystic Gateway, you’ll be accosted by Helka who wants you to follow her. This begins the Scent of Survival Favour which, upon completion, grants access to The Crater.

Once you find yourself in this new area, you aren’t done. Next, you will need to flood The Crater and fill it with water. Make your way to The Jungle South of The Plains and complete the Return of the River Favour by unclogging the Dam. This will allow boat travel across the entire Plains. 

The Sinkhole Gateway

The Sinkhole Gateway

With water freely returned to The Crater, you can return to the Plains and make your way to The Sinkholes.

  1. Make your way to The Sinkhole Entrance Mystic Gateway.
  2. Climb the ledge nearby and you’ll find yourself in a large central opening. A Dragon called The Ash Tyrant will attack you and upon fending it off, head right to find a chain. Pull it to open the nearby gate.
  3. Return to the Mystic Gateway and enter the boat across the river. Head right into the tunnel and you can pass through the previously locked gate, to the area where Ash Tyrant attacked you. You can dock nearby.

Once docked, immediately head left to find another chain and another gate. Lowering it allows access to the platforms behind the gate as well as the final yellow heart. 

Finally, the last ingredient falls into your lap. This is the elusive Prongfruit.

Return to the Campfire

Return to The Eternal Bonfire with all 4 ingredients. Now, you can finally create the Food of Comfort and complete the Across the Realms Favour.

Your reward for finishing the quest is a bunch of XP, some Whispering Slabs and the Food of Comfort item. This permanently increases all of Kratos’ stats by 5 points, no other action is necessary. 

Food of Comfort

Food of Comfort

That is how to complete the Across the Realms Favour in God of War Ragnarok. 

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