God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Lindwyrms Quest Guide

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to complete the Lost Lindwyrms Favour in God of War Ragnarok. After his first visit to Vanaheim, Kratos has indirectly unleashed several baby Lindwyrms onto the Nine Realms and this guide will tell you exactly where to find all 6 Lindwyrms as well as the reward you get for finding them all.

God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Lindwyrms Quest Guide

Kratos kills a lot of things in God of War Ragnarok: Gods, beasts, dragons, you name it, he’s probably killed it. Perhaps one of his most impactful kills in Ragnarok is that of Nidhogg, the caretaker of the World Tree, which eventually leads to the optional Favour The Lost Lindwyrms

The Lost Lindwyrms is a Favour in God of War Ragnarok which tasks the player with finding 6 escape baby dragons called Lindwyrms. They are scattered across the Realms and a few of them can be quite tricky to find.

Here’s where to complete The Lost Lindwyrms Favour in God of War Ragnarok. 

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How to Start The Lost Lindywrms

After Kratos and Freya’s first visit to Vanaheim, they will return to Sindri’s House within the Realm Between Realms. During this venture, you were forced to kill the caretaker of the Word Tree, Nidhogg. 

A little while later, Kratos and Brok prepare to visit Svartalfheim and the Lady for the quest Forging Destiny. It is at this point that Ratatoskr will beckon you over, in a rather worried manner. 


With their brood mother gone, Nidhogg’s children have dispersed from Yggdrasil and have gone wandering the Realms. Without them to tend to the tree in their mother’s absence, Yggdrasil will surely perish. As such, Ratatoskr asks that the player go and collect the Lost Lindwyrms for him by seeking out Yggdrasil Rifts in the world.

After that, Ratatoskr will gear Kratos with a trap to capture the Lindwyrms and the Favour begins. In total, Kratos must find and retrieve 6 Lindwyrms and return them to Ratatoskr.

Quest Begins

Quest Begins

Lindwyrm Locations – Svartalfheim

In the Dwarven Realm of Svartalfheim, there are a total of 4 Lindwyrms loose. It is recommended that, before you undertake any of these, you first complete Forging Destiny.

Not only will this give you the tools necessary to find most of the other Lindwyrms, but it will also save you a good amount of time.

The Forge

The first Lindwyrm you will likely encounter is at The Forge. This is the location where Kratos visits the Lady to build a weapon that can kill Heimdall.

At the apex of this quest, you will receive the Draupnir Spear, an important tool and another powerful weapon in Kratos’ arsenal. Afterwards, you will exit the Forge out of a side path where you can test the powerful new capabilities of your Spear.

On this path, you will find your first Lindwyrm. In the open world, they are labelled as Ygdrassil Rifts and appear to be small black tears in the world. Approach it and you will be attacked by one of the Lindwyrms.

Suppress it and you’ll have captured your first Lindwyrm. 

Alberich’s Hollow

The next two Lindwyrms are hiding around The Bay of Bounty. With the Draupnir Spear, Kratos can explore a large part of the Bay that was previously inaccessible. 

The first of these locations is Alberich’s Hollow. To get here, you first need to head to Dragon Beach at the Southern end of the Bay. When you first visit here, all that you can do is kill a few enemies and complete a Nornir Chest. Now that you have the Spear, you can climb up a wooden structure and find places to throw the Spear so it can create a foothold. 

Afterwards, you can approach the massive statue of a Dwarf in the middle of the island (which you need to do for the Spirit of Rebellion Favour) and use the nearby Fire Bombs to open the path into Alberich’s Hollow. You’ll have to destroy several large chunks of gold with these bombs to open the path to a few treasure chests and the Lindwyrm. 

You will likely run into Ormstunga on this path – an annoying Elite Grim – as you try to get to the Lindwyrm. This fight can be a bit annoying, as Ormstunga attacks very quickly with very few telegraphs. Try to keep it locked down with staggers, Runic Attacks and combos and you should hopefully take it down. 

Next to where Ormstunga emerged, you will find the next Lindwyrm. Trap it and you can be on your way.

Lindwyrm 2 Location

Lindwyrm 2 Location

Alberich’s Island

The next area you need to visit in the Bay of Bounty is to the North. Alberich’s Island is the Northmost island in the entire Bay. Without the Draupnir Spear, the most you could previously do on this island was to fight a Berserker Gravestone and unlock a Nornir Chest. 

With the Spear in hand, you can now create some footholds that allow Kratos to fully explore the island and its surroundings. This includes the Lindwyrm.

The Yggdrasil Tear you’re looking for is on a small wooden dock that can only be accessed via the Island. You can hop down onto it after descending an elevator, giving you easy access to the Lindwyrm and the Tear.

Lindwyrm 3 Location

Lindwyrm 3 Location

The Applecore

The last Lindwyrm in Svartalfheim is located in the Applecore, the mines where Tyr was held, prisoner. To get back to this location after finding Tyr for the first time, you need to use the Dwarven Ferry located at the Wetlands Mystic Gateway. This will give you access to the later half of the mine, full of new areas to explore using the Spear.

One of these areas is a wall that you can detonate with the Spear, exposing an artefact as well as a jump Kratos can perform with his Blades. This path will lead to a large door and a pathway that leads back to the Jarnsmida Pitmines. 

Continue down this path until you find a Mystic Gateway next to a locked door. Just before you get to the Gateway, there will be a small side diversion after you jump up a ledge. The black Yggdrasil Tear will be waiting there.

Lindwyrm 4 Location

Lindwyrm 4 Location

Lindwyrm Locations – Vanaheim

The final 2 Lindwyrms in God of War Ragnarok are in Vanaheim. Specifically, they are located at the Crater, a huge secret area that players can unlock via a side quest. 

To unlock the Crater, you need to have completed Creatures of Prophecy. After that quest has been beaten, you will be given a Favour by Helka the Dog called Scent of Survival which, upon completion, will unlock the Crater and its three main areas for you. 

Before you go hunting for Lindwyrms, it is recommended that you do one thing. That is to go to the Jungle area of the Crater and complete the Favour Return of the River. The Crater has been completely drained of water due to the locking of the nearby dam. If you manage to unclog it, you can explore more areas and unlock boat travel for the entire area.

After that has been completed, you can go hunting for those Lindwyrms. 

Nom Nom

Nom Nom

The Plains

Both of the Lindwyrms are located in the central area of the Crater called the Plains: one is located in the East and the other in the West.

The first Lindwyrm requires access to the boat. Make sure you have completed Return of the River in the Jungle before anything else.

Once you’ve done that you can return to the Plains and hop in one of the many boats in the area. Ride the stream past the frozen lightning bolt and head to the Eastern shore (there will be a Draugr Hole nearby). You can activate a Mystic Gateway nearby a shrine to change the time of day and a Dwarven shop.

The Lindwyrm is nearby on a ledge right next to the river. Hop down and claim your prize.

Lindwyrm 5 Location

Lindwyrm 5 Location

The final Lindwyrm is back to the West. You will likely find and capture this Lindwyrm while completing the main Favour in the Crater, For Vanaheim, which unlocks as soon as you enter the area. 

On the Western side of the Plains is a small marsh area next to a locked gate. During the day, huge plants block the path even if the gate is open. The only solution is to return at night when an Ogre is beating down the door. Kill it and you can enter the area behind the gate. 

This path will take you to the Overgrown Tower and a boss fight with one of the Dragon that roams the Crater. After you’ve taken the Dragon down, you can explore the arena you battled it in. The Yggdrasil Tear is sat in the middle of a pool of water, ripe for the taking.

Lindwyrm 6 Location

Lindwyrm 6 Location

With all the Lindwyrms collected, return to Ratatoskr in the Realm Between Realms. As a reward for giving back all of the Lindwyrms, he will give you a Gale Flame, an upgrade material used for levelling up the Draupnir Spear.

That is how to complete The Lost Lindwyrm Favour in God of War Ragnarok. 

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