God of War Ragnarok: Top 5 Armor Sets

In this guide we will look at the very best armor sets to give the God of War the edge in any situation, as well as how to find or craft each piece. Ragnarök is coming, and if Kratos hopes to stand a chance against everything the Nine Realms have to throw at him, he needs to be prepared.

God of War Ragnarok: Top 5 Armor SetsWhen it comes to combat, God of War Ragnarök does not hold back. This guide will lay out the very best armor you will need to make it through the stunning sequel to 2018’s God of War in one piece.

The Nine Realms are teeming with all manner of mythological beasts, trolls, and wyverns, and each one wants to see Kratos put down for good. Enemies hit hard. Go into these combat encounters unprepared, and you could very easily find yourself in controller-snapping territory. (Especially when facing one the game’s many tough-as-nails optional bosses.)

Good thing Dwarven brothers Brok and Sindri are on hand to help. Over the course of the game, players will unlock the ability to find and craft a myriad of different armour sets, each with their own magical properties and buffs to Strength, Defense, Runic stats, and more. But with so many to choose from and not enough resources to make and upgrade them all, which are the very best of the best?

Lunda’s Lost Armor

Full Set: Lunda’s Lost Cuirass, Lunda’s Lost Bracers, Lunda’s Lost Belt

While not the strongest set overall, this set provides solid all-round stats. The best part about Lunda’s Lost Armor set is the fact that it can obtained fairly early on in the main story. Despite its early appearance, this blood-red plate armor offers great Defense for the early to mid game, and grants a hefty boost to the player’s Strength. Starting at level 5, Lunda’s armor is great for getting past mid-game bosses, but return to Brok and Sindri every now and again to upgrade it, and this armor can easily see you through to the latter half of the game. 

But it’s in its special skills that this armor truly shines. The chestpiece (Lunda’s Lost Cuirass) boasts the ability to deal bonus damage and apply Poison to enemies when using unarmed attacks, parries, and blocks. While at the same time, the wrists and waist (Lunda’s Lost Bracers and Lunda’s Lost Belt) grant bonus damage on melee attacks to Poisoned enemies, allowing Kratos to tear through low-level mobs with ease and make great dents in bosses’ health bars. And to top it all off, wearing all three pieces together grants an additional boost to Strength and Luck.

How to find

This armor can be obtained as a reward for completing the “Lunda’s Lost Armor” Labor. To complete this quest, players must locate the three damaged pieces of armor scattered around Vanaheim – a feat that is easily to accomplish while exploring and completing other side quests and Labors in the area. Once found, simply bring the pieces back to a Dwarf to repair.

Lunda's Lost Armor set

Lunda’s Lost Armor set

Dragon Scaled Armor

Full Set: Dragon Scaled Breastplate, Dragon Scaled Bracers, Dragon Scaled Girdle

Taken down one of Vanaheim’s dragons and wish to show off your hunting prowess? Try crafting the Dragon Scaled Armor. Only becoming available late on in the game’s story, this armor provides a fantastic middle ground between Strength and Defense, without ever compromising one or the other. Fully upgrading the armor will see Kratos reach over 200 in both Strength and Defense stats. This does, however, come at the cost of his other skills, which receive little to no passive bonuses.

If overwhelming your opponents with pure strength and quick reflexes rather than Runic spells is more your speed, then the Dragon Scaled Armor’s special skills are just for you. The chestpiece (Dragon Scaled Breastplate) grants a stackable buff to both Strength and Defense with each successful block or parry. While the wrists and waist (Dragon Scaled Bracers and Dragon Scaled Girdle) both passively increase shield damage and cause AoE damage to nearby enemies on every successful block or parry.

How to find

The Dragon Scaled Armor can be crafted after defeating your first dragon in Vanaheim. Armor this strong and this good-looking takes work to make. Players will need to obtain one dragon claw and 22 dragon teeth from the scaled creatures in Vanaheim’s Crater in order to craft these armor pieces. And will have to kill every scaled creature in order to obtain enough raw materials to upgrade them all to level 9.

Dragon Scaled Armor set

Dragon Scaled Armor set

Fate Breaker Armor

Full Set: Fate Breaker Shoulder Guard, Fate Breaker Wraps, Fate Breaker Belt

Quite possibly my favourite armor set in the game, style- and story-wise, and more than likely the last set most players will unlock, the Fate Breaker Armor is designed to see you through to the other side of Ragnarök. Coming so late in the game, it’s no surprise that it’s so good. With hefty stats in Strength, Defense, Vitality, and Luck, even at the set’s starting level of 6, it’s the perfect all-rounder. Even better, as the set becomes available just before the final mission, most players will have plenty of surplus raw materials and hacksilver to immediately upgrade it to at least level 8.

Those who enjoy making the most of Kratos’ carefully controlled anger issues will make the best use of the Fate Breaker’s special skills. The chestpiece (Fate Breaker Shoulder Guard) grants a large buff to Strength, Defense, and Runic stats immediately after returning from Rage, as well as boosting Stagger Resistance. While the wrists and waist (Fate Breaker Wraps and Fate Breaker Belt) increase the rate at which Rage is gained by up to 20%.

How to find:

To obtain the Fate Breaker set, simply play through the main story. After starting the Path Quest, “The Realms at War”, Lunda will give all three pieces to you for free in Tyr’s Temple. Now go break fate!

Fate Breaker Armor set

Fate Breaker Armor set

Surtr’s Scorched Armor

Full Set: Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass, Surtr’s Scorched Arms, Surtr’s Scorched Girdle

Surtr doesn’t give his creations away to just anyone. They have to be earnt. But commit to his challenges, and the reward is worth the time and effort put in. Surtr’s Scorched armor is by far one of the best sets in the entire game. Starting out at level 7, the set immediately boasts stats well above the competition, granting the wearer massive boosts to Strength, Defense, and Vitality. Upgrade it all to level 9 with the materials won from Surtr’s trials and see those numbers skyrocket.

Surtr’s Scorched Armor is made for offense. The chestpiece (Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass) grants massive bonus damage on attacks that land while an enemy is attacking, meaning the more aggressive you are, the more likely this will trigger. Similarly, the wrists and waist (Surtr’s Scorched Arms and Surtr’s Scorched Girdle) reduce incoming damage and increase Stagger Resistance while Kratos is attacking. Altogether, this means the God of War can charge headlong into the rage of battle without fear of being knocked onto his behind by a sneaky swipe from the side.

How to find:

Surtr’s Scorched Armor can be obtained by completing Surtr’s Trails in the Muspelheim Crucible. Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass is won by completing the “Endurance” Challenge. Surtr’s Scorched Arm is won by completing the “Ring of Fire” Challenge. And Surtr’s Scorched Girdle is won by completing the “Boss Rush” Challenge.

Surtr's Scorched Armor set

Surtr’s Scorched Armor set

Steinbjörn Armor

Full Set: Steinbjörn Plackart, Steinbjörn Gauntlets, Steinbjörn Waist Guard

For pure unstoppable defense, nothing comes close to the Steinbjörn Armor set. Wearing this turns Kratos into a veritable wall of stone. Nothing can get through. Starting at level 6, the set already boosts over 250 Defense when worn together. That alone is enough to take the sting out of any enemy’s attack, but upgrade the set to level 9 and it jumps to a staggering 400 Defense. With this armor equipped, even Gna, Queen of the Valkyries, herself will feel like a pushover.

And that’s not all, as this armor set’s special skills are tailor-made to ensure the God of War’s survival. The chestpiece (Steinbjörn Plackart) grants the ability to automatically recover health for a short period of time once significant damage has been taken. While the wrists and waist (Steinbjörn Gauntlets and Steinbjörn Waist Guard) have a high chance to Stagger and Stun enemies that land a blow on you. If you ever wanted to feel unstoppable, wear this armor.

How to find:

The Steinbjörn Armor set can be crafted after defeating the secret troll mini-bosses. To do this, players must locate a breakable block of ice in the southern section of the Lake of Nine in Midgard and destroy it with Draupnir. This will unlock the Mystical Heirloom Relic. From there, players must equip the Relic and use it on each of the four troll statues, which can be found in the Derelict Outpost in Midgard, the Forbidden Sands in Alfheim, as well as two in Noatun’s Garden in Vanaheim. Defeat these trolls to obtain the Slumber Stone material needed to craft the armor.

Steinbjörn Armor set

Steinbjörn Armor set

And for those in the mood to track down yet another set of impressive armor (as well as fight another secret boss), why not try hunting down every last one of Odin’s Ravens, scattered all across the Nine Realms? 

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