God of War Ragnarok: Where to Find All Draugr Holes

This guide will tell you the location of every Draugr Hole in God of War Ragnarok including their exact location, what Realm they're in and even some tips for defeating the boss. The Hateful is a reoccurring boss that Kratos will have to fight at locations called Draugr Holes, places which can sometimes be a bit hard to track down.

God of War Ragnarok: Where to Find All Draugr Holes

God of War Ragnarok has a lot of different foes for Kratos and company to fight. There are plenty of enemies and bosses that you will have to chew through in your adventures throughout the Realm. Perhaps the most persistent is the Draugr known as The Hateful who appears in special locations in God of War Ragnarok called Draugr Holes.

This unique variant of the Draugr enemy is found across many different locations within God of War, with every encounter resulting in a brawl with the creature. There are 6 of these fights spread across the game and conquering them all will reward you with some powerful upgrades and items that will aid you well into the endgame. 

Here’s where to find every Draugr Hole in God of War Ragnarok. 

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What are Draugr Holes?

Draugr Holes are a special kind of world event that players can come across at several key points in the game. These are black pits of ash that will spawn a special kind of dual-wielding Draugr called The Hateful. 

The Hateful can be pretty tough if you aren’t careful with fast unblockable attacks that can quickly take you down. Alongside her, other Draugr will often aid her in battle, splitting your attention as you fight. 

Defeating The Hateful will award a variety of goods but the main reward is the Chaos Sparks. If you manage to beat all 6 Draugr Holes, 6 individual Chaos Flames will become a singular Chaos Flame, allowing you to upgrade the Blades of Chaos. 

Tips for The Hateful

The Hateful is a special kind of Dual-Wielding Draugr who spawns at each of the Draugr Holes in God of War Ragnarok. These enemies are fast, and frantic and can very easily kill you if you aren’t careful. The Hateful also has a few extra tricks up their sleeve that other enemies of this type don’t.

First, you can safely Parry a lot of her attacks. Often, she will combo an unblockable attack (red circle) into a guard-breaking attack (yellow circle) or vice versa: safely dodge the red attack and Parry the yellow one to get in some nice clean damage. 


Do be aware of one certain nasty combo, though. This is a four-hit combo beginning with a two-hit unblockable attack. The Hateful will rush at you, sometimes from a fair distance away. If you dodge backwards too late then you will be caught in the combo: you can save yourself on the 3rd or 4th hits (both of which can be Parried) but you will lose a lot of health. As such, when you see her preparing this attack, get ready to dive away. Then come back in to block or Parry the final two hits of the combo, giving you ample damage opportunity. 

The Hateful

The Hateful

Another thing that The Hateful can do is she will light herself on fire. She will stand in one spot and scream, signifying that her body is alight. Any attack that hits her (or when she next hits you) will cause a small explosion, damaging everything around it. This can be pretty bad if you get complacent and allow her to attack you. The best way to deal with this is to quickly throw your Leviathan Axe at The Hateful as she is screaming which will blow her up and allow a good opportunity for damage.

Bear in mind, also, that at least two more Draugrs will spawn over the course of your fights. Their main job will often be to fling fiery projectiles at you. This can really mess you up if you get caught slacking, opening you up to the bigger hits from The Hateful. Fortunately, these are often very easy to beat and will hopefully drop Health Orbs. You can also Parry their projectiles back at The Hateful for extra Stun and damage. 

Overall, The Hateful may just seem like another Draugr but she can really throw you off if you’re not careful. Some of the Draugr Holes are in tight, narrow areas where you don’t have a good opportunity to escape. Pair that with her quick and deadly combos and she can take you out very fast. While she certainly isn’t the toughest boss in the game, be careful and play safe.

The Hateful Codex Entry

The Hateful Codex Entry

Svartalfheim Draugr Holes

You will find 2 Draugr Holes in the Dwarven Realm of Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok. Both of these can be picked off on your very first visit to Svartalfheim during the main course of the story.

The Bay of Bounty

The first Draugr Hole can be found in the Bay of Bounty, an area unlocked after the Dwarven City of Nidavellir. You originally come here intent on speaking to the Dwarven resistance leader Durlin, but the Bay offers plenty of different islands and areas for Kratos to explore.

For the Draugr, you’ll need to head to the Watchtower. This island sits at the centre of the Bay of Bounty, separating the Northern and Southern ends with a beach. You’ll come to this place to undertake the Weight of Chains Favour, but there is something else here, too. 

From the Dwarves’ shop (or the Mystic Gateway) take a right up the slope to the climbable wall. Make your way to the top and take a left, opposite the locked door you need to unlock for the Weight of Chains. Up on a small ramp, you’ll find your first Draugr Hole and your first fight with the Hateful. 

At this point, The Hateful isn’t too especially tough. Just remember to use your shield often and remember when to dodge certain attacks. Also keep in mind that other Draugr will come to her aid, and they can easily stagger you if you aren’t careful. 

The Applecore

The second Draugr Hole in Svartalfheim is found a little bit later in the cavernous depths of the Applecore. This is the series of mines and tunnels that Kratos and Atreus find themselves in after being thrown off the tracks at the Jarnsmida Pitmines. 

The Draugr Hole this time is hidden behind one of the large wooden doors that Atreus insists Tyr will be behind. In order to get to it, follow the path after pushing through the wall with the dead Dwarf. You should cross a small jump with the Chains and be on the second level of the spiral main chamber. Continue around the path and you will see the big door right in front of you.

Cross another jump with the chains (there will be a small waterfall between the jump) and you can leap down to the door. Open it and another fight with The Hateful awaits you.

Alfheim Draugr Hole

There is only a single Draugr Hole in Alfheim. You can access it during your first trip to Alfheim without having to wait. 

The Barrens

The Barrens is an area to the East of the Canyons in Alfheim which is unlocked after your first trounce through the Realm with Tyr. The first time you get there, there will be a perpetual sandstorm obscuring your vision. As such, it is recommended that you complete the Secrets of the Sands Favour to clear the storm and ease your travel. 

This Draugr Hole is very simple to find. From the Mystic Gateway closest to the Barrens (which is also next to the Dwarves’ shop) head out into the vast open expanse of the Barrens. Once you exit out onto the main area of the sands, head to the left.

You should see a large stone spire with a dead tree atop it. This outcrop of rock has a climbable ledge that you can pull yourself up, giving you access to the Draugr Hole of Alfheim. 

Midgard Draugr Holes

Like Alfheim, Midgard only has one Draugr Hole. You can access it as soon as you get access to free roam the Lake of the Nine for the first time.

Lake of the Nine

The Lake of the Nine is the central explorable location in Midgard, just as it was in God War (2018). There are several different explorable areas and offshoots that are worth your time, but the Draugr Hole is in a pretty open spot. 

There are two easy ways to get to this Draugr Hole. The first is to travel to the Lake of the Nine Mystic Gateway. From here, head East past the Alfheim Tower and the Oarsmen until you get to the slope which leads to the King’s Grave. On your way up to the Grave, there will be a climbable ledge to the left of the path. Climb on up and the fourth Draugr Hole awaits.

The other way to access it is via the Mystic Gateway at the King’s Grave (if this has been unlocked). You’ll already spawn on the slope that the Draugr Hole is located on, so just simply waltz on down until you see the climbable ledge which leads you to your prize.

Vanaheim Draugr Holes

The final two Draugr Holes are in Vanaheim. One of these is far simpler than the other, with one requiring a Favour to unlock the necessary location. 

The Abandoned Village

This is the straightforward one. You come to the Abandoned Village with Freya during the course of the Path. The Village can be found between the Western and Eastern parts of the Barri Woods.

You can get back to this area any time by heading to Freyr’s Camp. There is a set of small wooden doors that you pass through several times during the main story. It may take a little while (and you’ll have to do a bit of climbing) but just follow the path you previously took and you will eventually end up at the Abandoned Village.

Once you arrive, you will be asked to head to a broken-down central chamber. However, using one of the many cranes around Vanaheim, you can cross over the water to a new stretch of land. On that piece of land will be a wooden bridge leading back to a secluded den where the Draugr Hole awaits.

The Crater

This is likely the Draugr Hole that will stump you the most in God of War Ragnarok. Most of the others can be found while on The Path. Meanwhile, this one requires going to a secret area in Vanaheim called The Crater.

This area can only be unlocked after the quest Creatures of Prophecy. Once you return to Freyr’s Camp and begin leaving, you will be met by Helka the dog. Follow her to start the Favour Scent of Survival. This is the quest that will unlock the additional area called The Crater. 

Once you actually get to the Crater, you need to do a bit of exploring. Specifically, you need to get to the Jungle area which is South West of the Crater. You can get here via a doorway to the Western part of the Plains. Once here, you’ll be prompted to start a quest to free the trapped Dam and refill the Crater with water. Complete that quest and you can finally return to the Plains where the Draugr Hole awaits.

Now that the Crater is full of water, you can boat around it and access several previously inaccessible areas. The last of the Draugr Holes in God of War Ragnarok can be accessed via a boat dock to the North-East of the Plains. This is close to the frozen lightning bolt. If you need some more direction, across the water is a Mystic Gateway and a Sedir Camp. 

This will be your final showdown with The Hateful and she will use every trick she has. Once you beat her for the final time, you will be rewarded with a Chaos Flame and the completion of the Born from Fire.

That is where to find all Draugr Holes in God of War Ragnarok.

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