Spider-Man PC Footage Leaked Prior to Official Release

Prior to its release, Spider-Man PC footage surfaces on the internet. Photos originally came from a now-deleted tweet. The leaked content included shots from gameplay, shots from the settings panel -specifically the keymapping-and shots from the camera mode.

Spider-Man PC Footage Leaked Prior to Official ReleaseEver since Sony broke its rule of conserving the PlayStation exclusives to PlayStation only, I’ve been excited to see what game to release on the PC next. I was firmly convinced that if they gave God Of War, they wouldn’t hesitate to release any other games on the PC. I wasn’t wrong. They announced in June that they will release Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales to the PC. On two different dates, Spider-Man Remastered is expected to be available on the 12th of August, which is nearly a week from now. While Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be available fall of 2022.

Apparently, even being a week away from release won’t help Spider-Man Remastered secure its footage from a potential leak because that is exactly what happened. According to Reddit user u/TheHeeper55, in a tweet now deleted, he found the pictures attached to the Reddit thread. The tweet reportedly included Spider-Man PC footage.

Spider-Man standing on a roof

Spider-Man standing on a roof

The footage included a couple of shots where Spider-Man can be seen idle with the User Interface pop-up suggesting that the player can swing with L-Shift and Jump with Space. It’s unclear whether these options are the default or are edited because one of the other shots included the player in the settings panel where the keymapping options can be seen. One of the shots also included Spider-Man sticking to the side of a building where you can see proper reflections of the surroundings.

The original Spider-Man PC footage, as viewable in the source, is shot on a widescreen, suggesting that the game does have widescreen resolutions support. The game will reportedly include DualSense support for players that already own a DualSense controller. Spider-Man Remastered is expected to release on the 12th of August on Epic Games Store, Steam, and the Steam Deck.

SOURCE: the first spiderman pc screenshots i found on twitter!

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