Top 5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Villains We Hope to See

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been announced, so here is a top 5 list of villains we would like to see. Some are far fetched, some are better suited for a proper sequel with Peter Parker taking the lead, but at least one of these should appear in the upcoming PS5 standalone title that is coming this holiday season.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Reports were initially coming in that the PS5 Spider-Man game announced during the console’s reveal event will be an expansion. Insomniac just confirmed it will be a standalone title. Regardless, we are pretty hyped up for it, especially me, a big fan of the superhero and PlayStation exclusives. This list is my top 5 villains we hope to see in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Some obvious answers will not be listed as some characters like Green Goblin are probably being saved for the proper sequel to the 2018 Spider-Man game that featured Peter Parker as the protagonist. Regardless, let’s cross our fingers and hope for some classic, and maybe obscure baddies to fight as Miles.

5. Chameleon

Chameleon from Spider-Man

The master of disguise (Credit: Marvel Comics)

In a mission on the first game, Peter asks a woman about a fire that a suspected fake Spider-Man went to go check out. His first thought was the impersonator was the Chameleon. With that seed planted, maybe Miles will face against the old foe of his mentor.

Chameleon, also known as Dmitri Smerdyakov, appeared in issue #1 in March 1963. He is a master of disguise who was a soviet citizen before going for a life filled with crime. He had a talent of impersonating people in his old life, which he used when he started breaking the law. His professional attempt as the Chameleon began as disguising himself as Spider-Man, which landed himself in prison. Since then, he has had his eyes out for the web-slinger.

4. Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter

The ultimate hunter (Credit: Marvel Comics)

The half-brother of Dmitri, Sergei Kravinoff, is a big-game hunter, and nothing is bigger game than a superhero known as Spider-Man. He first appeared in issue #15 in August 1964. 

Often Sergei would help Dmitri, making it perfect to have the two together to face off against Miles. Unlike his half-brother, Kraven is a hand-to-hand focused opponent who uses his strength and  “magic jungle potion” to enhance his mind and strength. He is a master tracker who can find his prey and his strength will do the rest to get the job done.

If Insomniac wants to take a different direction with the character, they could utilize his son, Alyosha Kravinoff, or his daughter, Ana Kravinoff. It would make for a great decision to throw off experts of Spidey’s villains who may expect the father then get a twist of one of his children.

3. Sandman

Sandman from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Sandman from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Credit: Nintendo)

A man who transforms himself into sand, that is quite hard to fight when you use web as your main weapon. Originating in issue #4 in September 1963, this could be one of the hardest foes to face in this next-gen adventure. 

A nuclear accident turned William Baker, a.k.a Flint Marko, into the shapeshifter who can increase his density, go into a variety of shapes, and can take just about any blow without taking any damage. He can change his limbs into defensive and offensive tools when in a fight. 

His main weakness can be certain elements and temperatures. He can be frozen for example, which is a way Miles may have to get creative to defeat Sandman if he appears in the upcoming game.

2. Symbiote


Venom, the best-known Symbiote (Credit: Marvel Comics)

It may be unlikely, but the presence of a Symbiote was teased at the end of Insomniac’s first endeavor with the iconic hero. Venom is the best known of the Symbiotes, the slimy aliens that infect someone as their host. His first full appearance came in issue #300 in May 1988, but he did come out in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 in May 1984.

Unlike his normal host with Eddie Brock, the 2018 title teased that it will be Peter’s friend Harry Osborn. While Venom, or whatever Symbiote that infects Harry, will stay in the shadows until players can get in the shoes of Peter, it would make for a great introduction to any other Symbiote like Riot, who originated in Venom Lethal Protector #4 in May 1993, or Carnage who introduced himself to comic readers in The Amazing Spider-Man #345 in April 1991.

Each Symbiote has its own special qualities. Much of which mimick similar powers to Spider-Man with a few extra tricks. 

1. Prowler

Aaron Davis/Prowler

Spider-Verse’s Prowler (Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing)

If one enemy can be a guarantee, as much as we can guarantee for a recently announced game with no information on it, is that Prowler should show himself to Miles.

While the villain, who first appeared in issue The Amazing Spider-Man #78 November 1969 as the anti-hero Hobie Brown, it would make the most sense to have him as master criminal Aaron Davis, Miles’ uncle. Aaron took the cloak and mask as the Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 in November 2011. This emotional connection would be the gut punch Miles needs for his character arc.

While some characters have superpowers, Prowler falls under the gadget oriented criminals. Projectiles, gas cartridges, and more toys to help him cause mayhem in New York.

Prowler had a recent movie debut in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018. Mahershala Ali (True Detective, Moonlight) voiced Miles’ uncle and enemy in the animated film. He even made a brief appearance as a low life crook played by Donald Glover (Community, The Lion King) in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.

Marvel's Spider Man: Miles Morales - Official World Premiere Announcement Trailer

This was my top 5 wishlist of Spider-Man: Miles Morales villains. Who do you want to see in the game?

Spider-Man: Miles Morales comes out on PS5 this holiday season.

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