Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Got a Ray Tracing Performance Mode

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a new performance ray tracing mode for players wanting a slightly lower quality to enjoy 60 fps and the new lighting technology. Now you can play the game in 4K with ray tracing at 30 fps, play at 60 fps at 1080p, or swing around New York at 60 fps at 1080p and ray tracing enabled. This update is only for PlayStation 5.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Got a Ray Tracing Performance Mode

In an update that snuck up on us, Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a new mode that allows a higher performance while enabling ray tracing.

It works because instead of playing with a higher resolution, you have the standard HD 1080p resolution. Also, the density of pedestrians is lowered along with the quality of the reflections. That said, you are still able to play with ray tracing while maintaining 60 fps.

Before, it was a choice you had to make. Do you play Spider-Man: Miles Morales with ray tracing at 4K with 30 fps or play with higher performance by unlocking that buttery smooth 60 fps at 1080p. 

Ray tracing is a technique where lighting will react more realistically. It is usually highlighted by how the light reflects off of objects, like seeing reflections from windows. Playing a game set in New York will showcase this technology due to the excessive amount of skyscrapers on a sunny day.

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