How to Achieve the Best Fries in Town Trophy in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Looking for where to unlock the Best Fries in Town trophy towards their platinum in Spider-Man: Miles Morales? This quick guide will tell you which spot in the city you need to thwip your webs to and what you need to do once you get there.


best fries in town trophy

This one is for all true believers everywhere. The Best Fries in Town trophy is actually a loving tribute to the late n’ great creator of Spider-Man and patriarch of Marvel himself, Stan Lee, in the form of a memorial statue on the Upper West Side.

best fries in town tophy

The exact spot you need to swing to in the Upper West Side

To find the statue, head to the exact spot on the map shown above facing Central Park. Look around until you spot the statue right by Mick’s Diner. Mick, the charming old diner owner was the character Lee himself cameod as in 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, where he rightfully earned the accolade of “best fries in town”. The statue itself should be easy to spot but if you happen to struggle, simply press R3 and it will be highlighted to make finding it easier.

best fries in town trophy

The statue of Stan is right next to his character’s diner

All you need to do now is walk up to the statue, press the triangle button and the camera will quickly pan over the statue. As soon as Miles says “real life hero right here…”, the trophy should unlock. Excelsior!

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