Explaining Every Suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Insomniac offers plenty of suits in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but you don't get much background; that is why this will go into explaining the fun details that inspire these designs. Dive into Marvel lore to see the inspirations behind the hero's costumes, whether it stems from comic books or blockbuster films.

Explaining Every Suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales cover

Insomniac has injected a ton of ties into Marvel lore with its PlayStation spider-verse. Whether that involves collectibles that nod to other Marvel characters or having to fight iconic baddies like Rhino and Vulture. One other thing it has is plenty of costumes that link to movies and comics alike. As I got a PS5, I got to dive into the studio’s latest release, last year’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and I found this to be the perfect time explaining every suit for my fellow gamers who are fans of the legendary wall-crawler.

If you want to know how you can earn these in-game, then we have a guide for you. Now, let’s get nerdy.

Sportswear Suit

The first thing you wear in the game, which is a nice callback to Peter Parker’s adventure in 2018. The few moments where you see Miles, he has a blue parka in one scene and a red hoodie in another. With this, he warms himself up in the winter by putting both on over his spider gear.

Practical and easy

Practical and easy

It is a bit similar to what you see in the animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The jacket is a bit different, but the developer could have been inspired by it with a little twist.

Great Responsibility Suit

Although it is slightly different, the inspiration derives from Miles’ first appearance in Ultimate Fallout Vol. 1 #4, where Peter had died, and he takes up the responsibility of his fallen idol. Much of this story follows what happens when Peter dies and a new web-slinger enters the fray.

With great power...

With great power…

For the PS4/5 game, it is a badge of honor from Peter. His gift lets Miles know that he has to step it up to be like his fellow crimefighter. 

Homemade Suit

We all have to get started somewhere. Just look at Tom Holland’s role in the MCU in Homecoming with his goofy homemade disguise. Miles had to go through the same thing, but rather than being on the big screen; this was through the lens of a comic. 

We all have to start somewhere

We all have to start somewhere

On Spider-Man Annual Vol. 2 #1, readers got to see an alternative universe of the popular Secret Invasion event when Skrulls invade, lurking around every corner donning the face of your best friend, your parents, or that neighbor who blasts music late at night.

T.R.A.C.K. Suit

While we are mostly getting into fun details that go deep into comics and movies, explaining every suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales will deviate by being completely original. Like a handful of Peter’s costumes, like the Advanced Suit, Miles has some that originate from the minds over at Insomniac rather than somewhere else. Whether you pre-ordered or leveled up enough, you swing around New York in style.

So slick

So slick

Animated Suit

Ultimate Spider-Man was a show that ran from 2012 to 2017 for a total of four seasons. During the third season on episode 11, you have spider-men roaming around everywhere. Peter was helping Spider-Knight (a medieval version of the MK III) defeat medieval Dr. Octopus. After saving the day, he goes to Miles to comfort him on the death of his universe’s Peter.

It does seem familiar for moviegoers as it is reminiscent of the Into the Spider-Verse suit, just with a different art style. It will not be the only one to give you Déjà vu.

Any cartoon fans out there?

Any cartoon fans out there?

Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit

We all have so much to balance in our lives, whether that is work, school, hobbies, relationships, etc. Being a superhero is exactly like that. Being so young, the Afro-Latino crime-fighter needs to get his homework done while sending Rhino back to the Raft. Here he sports his classic costume with his school uniform as he did in the 2018 Oscar winner. Surely he won’t be suspicious for dressing like a spider while taking his math exam.

Get good grades and fight crime

Get good grades and fight crime

Crimson Cowl Suit

If I were to make a top-tier list, the Crimson Cowl would surely be up there as it is a two-piece with a red jumpsuit over the classic. It continues the trend of giving the hero an athletic look like the Advanced Suit and T.R.A.C.K. suit. If something deserves a chef’s kiss, it would be this.

This is so dope

This is so dope

While being original from the studio, it does give a similar vibe as Justine Hammer in 1997’s Thunderbolts Vol. 1 #3. She is the daughter of Tony Stark villain Justin Hammer. She led her own group named the Masters Of Evil.

When the PlayStation-owned company revealed it, no comment was made whether or not it was inspired by the comic or it is a coincidence that the two look alike.

S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit

While it has no comic, TV, or movie connections, it is hard to look at this armor and not think of Peter’s MK III. Something heavily armored and ready to send someone webbed up straight into a prison cell. When dealing with geared-up baddies, no wonder either of the Spider-Men would want something with an extra punch to it with padding that can take a beating from their hefty roster of villains.

Dave Rapoza, a comic book artist who also helped with this game, paid homage to Kamen Rider and Gundam with this design.

The End Suit

Let’s get back directly into comics without any of these things that look vaguely similar to a book. The End Suit is straight out of Miles Morales: The End Vol. 1 #1. The source material of these iconic characters is known for never letting people die, only to come back with some slight alterations to keep things fresh. This series looked at a definitive end for heroes like Miles. 

Published last year, the elder wall-crawler leads a group of people to defend Brooklyn and its mayor. To save the city, he dies fighting the leader of an invading militia.

Old man Miles

Old man Miles

Miles Morales 2099 Suit

If you played the 2018 game, then you remember both iterations of the 2099 suit, one white and one black (that is actually purple). Miles gets his own in Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1 #12. Rather than looking mean and ready for war like his mentor’s, he is more stylish while having tactical capabilities to fight supervillains.

As I go through explaining every suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, this is easily one of my favorites, but its history is not as exciting as it looks. Created by Lee Garbett, it only shows on a variant cover of the comic, not anywhere else outside of the game Insomniac developed.

Hard to get cooler than this

Hard to get cooler than this

Into the Spider-Verse Suit

The most hyped-up suit in the game? I think so. Inspired by the film, players get to jump in like Miles did when he had his big-screen debut.


Classic Suit

First appearing in Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man Vol. 2 #5, readers get to see Miles accompanied by Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman. She kidnaps him to deliver him to Tony Stark, Nick Fury, and Hawkeye to have a little chat, along with a blood test. Since discovering his powers, he is thrust into the broader superhero world, rather than being a simple neighborhood-friendly crimefighter since Peter had recently died.

The suit itself was a gift from Fury to welcome him officially as the replacement spider alongside Jessica.

Can't go wrong with the classic

Can’t go wrong with the classic

Uptown Pride Suit

Insomniac is making my job easier with these custom designs that are only found for PlayStation gamers. Uptown Pride is given to you as a gift from Harlem residents as their Spider-Man. Complete every side mission in the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app to receive it. You will be given a marker with a Black Lives Matter mural with the package, that a slight change-up of his iconic costume with yellow to replace the red.

A nice twist on a classic

A nice twist on a classic

Winter Suit

Continuing the trend from the previous entry on this list, Miles is given some winter clothing to stay warm. New York gets quite cold, especially when you have to go out to beat the hell out of some criminals.

It is chilly out there

It is chilly out there

Miles Morales 2020 Suit

In a series to reinvent characters to fit a modern style, Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol. 1 #13 takes our teenaged web-swinger into a new light. In one variant, Rahzzah Murdock created the appearance that we donned in the game.

it works both for action and parties. Maybe taking up a job as a DJ would work quite well with this, especially since Daft Punk broke up. Now just imagine Peter and Miles as the new superpowered electronic duo.

Anyone else get Daft Punk vibes?

Anyone else get Daft Punk vibes?

Programmable Matter Suit

Completing all Underground Hideouts, Roxxon Labs, and Matter Up side missions will get you this exclusive armor that debuts in Insomniac’s universe. It can mold into different forms as the material, as in the name, is programmable matter. 

In many ways, it is similar to Peter’s Spider-Armor that is seen in Amazing Spider-Man #529, and for MCU fans, a version with different colors is shown in both Infinity War and Endgame, with a brief nod in Far From Home. The driving factor that makes me bring up these editions comes from the spider legs that pop out during takedowns. Occasionally, his back will grow legs to make for a flashier knockout when in combat.

Sweet tech

Sweet tech

Purple Reign Suit

While only seen in-game, it is inspired by Prowler’s iconic design. Given by Aaron Davis, when finishing all Sound Samples side activities and the side mission, Back to the Beginning, you can look like your uncle with the exception of stealing.

First appearing in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol. 2 #1, Aaron Davis often falls in line as a well-intentioned uncle with a bad relationship with his brother and his brother’s wife, leading to Miles have to sneak his way to visit his troubled relative. Conflict stirs up once their alter egos clash, which eventually leads to them discovering their secret identities. From comics to video games and movies, this story has been seen across different forms of media.

Uncle would be proud

Uncle would be proud

Bodega Cat Suit

If you are a cat person, then pay attention as this might be the most important entry as we go through explaining each suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Making its debut in Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 #40, we get to see the furry introduction without Miles, but with Peter. To get the full effect of Spider-Cat, you have to turn to Spider-Island: I Love New York City Vol. 1 #1 in a chapter called 9 Lives. Here is where this cat takes up the responsibility like anyone else with superpowers as Venom Pigeon appears to make some trouble. The felion puts on the mask and takes out the monstrous threat.

Look at the kitty!

Look at the kitty!

In the same universe as Peter Porker, there is Meows Morales, who also fights crime as the spider.

Yeah, comics get weird.

Spider-Training Suit

This may seem familiar for people who dove into the DLC of Marvel’s Spider-Man titled The City That Never Sleeps – Silver Lining. It is only brief as it is a part of an after-credits scene where Miles is being taught how to swing by his mentor.

Time to start web-swinging

Time to start web-swinging

For comic readers, you see this too, but without the mask. In Spider-Man Vol. 2 # 17, Miles wears similar, if not the same, clothing. The only difference is he does not have a mask, but he eventually works his way up to get his own costume.

After explaining every suit in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, what are some of your favorites? What fun lore tidbits did I miss? Nerd out in the comments.

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