Novus Inceptio – at Game Developers Session

Novus Inceptio - at Game Developers Session.

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[Image author: Tomaš Mahrík]

Developer of Novus Inceptio Martin Mastný visited Czech gaming event for game developers GDS 2014 and presented his game in development. Here are his words:

GDS 2014 is behind us. It was awesome and everthing passed off in a friendly and productive atmosphere. I got a lot of new contacts, experience and met old and new friends. Pardon me if I didn't meet some fans but several times I didn't even know what to do first or there was another important lecture to attend.

Those who weren't at the Friday warm-up party, NI took a place there and was provided time in the schedule to present the game. Below is a video which I used during the presentation and it might look that there are some boring moments but these were filled in by my words. FPS drop is due to the recording software and there are intentionally left some bugs. It is still only an alpha dev version.

Whole presentation was very intense and I had a BIG stage fright. I apologise to everyone if it was recognizable :-). I also used all the reserved time and prolonged it A LOT but nobody was complaining so I hope it didn't created problems for others.I have really positive feelings from this Friday presentation of NI and reactions of everyone were great and gave me energy to continue in the development and what's more important that the game and my work has a meaning and is not useless. Even other developers' reactions were positive and that is a big motivation for me personally. 

Thank you once again to everyone. From organisers to all developers and fans who were at GDS!

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