Novus Inceptio Giveaway – 250 keys worth $5000 !!!

Do you wish to win great survival game? Do you wish to build your house, catch fish, explore anomalies and simply survive in this visually great game? Then you have a BIG chance now. We have 250 keys just for you!

Novus Inceptio Giveaway250 keys in total worth almost $5000!!!
Try your luck and get the game for free
giveaway ends october 27

We are in close touch with the developer of Novus Inceptio and because of this we are able to give you this tremendous number of keys. You have now really a great change to get the game for free and start playing very soon!

The game is available on Steam and just two days ago there was a new big update which improves the gameplay, UI, adds trading terminal, overhauls the fighting and much, much more. So it's the best time to play the game and make your own home in this beautiful title.

You can read our one year old first impressions and compare it to the current status.

Of course there is the compulsory Halloween event with new monsters, special drop, new items to purchase and of course pumpkins :-).

Watch the trailer and enter the giveaway below it!

Novus Inceptio - Early Access official trailer

Novus Inceptio


  1. Thanks!

  2. I ‘ve won a key .


    Thank you very much.

  3. If someone wishes to get a key, we have few more. So sign up on our site and write it here. Then we will be able to send it to your confirmed email 😉

  4. Ahoj moc děkuju za klíč

    • Není zač 🙂

  5. how much entries? 15? 50? 100?

    • Over 500…

      • uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :-))))

  6. I got key. Thanks!

  7. gl hf

  8. thanks =)

  9. Thanks for the chance .


    Good luck everyone .

    • You’re welcome 😉


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