Novus Inceptio – theme music & new pictures

Novus Inceptio - theme music & new pictures from Unity 5.

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New update from Martin was released. It doesn't say much about new features but shows few pictures made in new Unity 5 build. And what's more you can listen to the music composed for Novus Inceptioby Tomáš Oliva. So not just your eyes could be pleased but also your ears :-).

The game looks better and better with each passing month but in this moment the developer must transfer the whole project to the updated Unity which takes a lot of time. However the development continues and we can also congratulate to his new laptop given to him by a sponsor! 

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Music with the current dev build video:

Novus Inceptio - update 2015

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  1. It looks really great for a one-man-show 🙂


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