Novus Inceptio celebrates Early Access with 1st Anniversary

Novus Inceptio has been in Early Access on Steam for a year now! The game features some special changes and events to celebrate the occasion!

Novus Inceptio celebrates Early Access with 1st Anniversary
Novus Inceptio, a mysterious world of new gaming experience of exploring, building and surviving, entered its Early Access stage on Steam one year ago. Developed by McMagic Productions, the game is a sandbox survival world, and you can take part in the development of the full game! 

The Early Access trailer for Novus Inceptio:

Here is what developers at McMagic Productions say about the year in Early Access:

"For us it was a huge step and full year brought us many new experiences and knowledge. We were trying to bring new things to the game, and most importantly repair and upgrade basic game elements and logic. But we not fulfilled everything we wanted – unfortunately such is the development and priorities change with regard to your requirements and weaknesses in the game that surfaced. All in all it was a very hard work year and subsequent years are ahead of us."

To celebrate the year on Steam, Novus Inceptio is having the 1st Anniversary in-game event! The event features gameplay and achievement changes as well as some special rewards. The full list of changes can be found on the official Steam blog.

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