Novus Inceptio – new anomaly incoming

Novus Inceptio - of course there will be more anomalies in the game. And here are 6 pictures to tease you a little bit :-).

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Today Martin put a new announcement on Steam:

We are sorry for this 'little' delay with our next update. There were several organization issues to solve. But here we go. We want to announce next update which will contain new game content as well as some bug fixes.

What can you expect?
At first, new pack of blueprints including some furniture to equip your homes.
Possibility to claim your land. This will become your safe zone. It's going to be be visible on the map and you will be able to sell there any exceeding items to get new ingame currency that will be used in the future.
As usual, details will be described in our change log.

When could you expect the update?
During this week (probably Wednesday which will give us enough time to fix any issues before the weekend)

For the impatient here we have a little insight into the already completed parts of the new update: 

And you can adore new pictures of where you should be able get and explore very, very soon. And it looks completely different than what you are used to see in Novus Inceptio. No desert, forest or frozen land. But real apocalypse! Someone could think that there is a connection to Fallout 4 release??? 🙂 Btw. there are no zombies! Just material.

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