Novus Inceptio – how to survive in NI

Novus Inceptio - how to survive in NI?

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Martin the lead (and only) developer has post new article on the INDIEDB. You can support him and vote for Novus Inceptio in the poll. 

You can read what troubles and difficulties awaits for you at the very beginning of the game. How to survive in the dangerous world. And as Martin says you are able to interact with everything you can see around. Another important feature of the game is how you skill up and learn new abilities Everything you do increase your skill in that particular area. And the more you do the action the better you become and the better items you can for example create.

And as it is common in similar games you must start to get your first tools to cut down trees, make logs or just pick

Of course that's just a beginning and later on you will kill animals, mine stones or iron nodes to create better tools, weapons, clothes and even flatten the land and build your first small house. And because time is an important factor all the things are loosing their quality and must be repaired or improved.

If you want to know more and maybe even support the development then click on the link below.

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