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Brighten up your home in Novus Inceptio

New big update in Novus Inceptio is out. This update brings into play new furnitures, decorative items, two crafting stations and natural dyes. Brighten up your home! New update finally delivers equip...

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Novus Inceptio Giveaway – 250 keys worth $5000 !!!

Do you wish to win great survival game? Do you wish to build your house, catch fish, explore anomalies and simply survive in this visually great game? Then you have a BIG chance now. We have 250 keys ...

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Novus Inceptio celebrates Early Access with 1st Anniversary

Novus Inceptio has been in Early Access on Steam for a year now! The game features some special changes and events to celebrate the occasion! Novus Inceptio, a mysterious world of new gaming experienc...

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Novus Inceptio Robot vs. Skyforge Robot

Skyforge is implementing new companion into the game. Flying robot. And the question is, which one is better and more useful? Similar bots were in many games before like Wildstar, Star Wars etc. But S...

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Novus Inceptio – 2 nominace na Českou hru roku

Novus Inceptio získal nominaci rovnou ve dvou kategoriích na "Českou hru roku 2015". Výherci a výsledky v jednotlivých nominacích budou vyhlášeny v květnu v Třeboni v rámci akce Game Day. Hra Novus In...

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Novus Inceptio – GHOST mód a půlroční shrnutí

Hra Novus Inceptio si od svého začátku prošla mnoha fázemi vývoje. Nyní vývojář Martin Mastný zveřejnil jeden z updatů, který si rozhodně zaslouží větší pozornosti a žádnému fanoušku by neměl uniknout...

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Novus Inceptio – new anomaly incoming

Novus Inceptio - of course there will be more anomalies in the game. And here are 6 pictures to tease you a little bit :-). Today Martin put a new announcement on Steam: We are sorry for this 'li...

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Novus Inceptio – weekly giveaway!

Another weekly giveaway. This time for Novus Inceptio. Follow us because we are making every week a new giveaway! Share, like and follow KeenGamer for a chance to win 1 out of 5 keys. The more you sh...

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Novus Inceptio – preview and first impressions of the game

All of you can buy Novus Inceptio starting today October 5th. I had the opportunity to play the game throughout the weekend to check the latest build. Should you buy it? I will not tell you to buy thi...

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