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Novus Inceptio Giveaway – 250 keys worth $5000 !!!

Do you wish to win great survival game? Do you wish to build your house, catch fish, explore anomalies and simply survive in this visually great game? Then you have a BIG chance now. We have 250 keys just for you! 250 keys in total worth al...

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Novus Inceptio – weekly giveaway!

Another weekly giveaway. This time for Novus Inceptio. Follow us because we are making every week a new giveaway! Share, like and follow KeenGamer for a chance to win 1 out of 5 keys. The more you share and like the bigger chance you get. ...

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Novus Inceptio – new lighting and visuals

Novus Inceptio - take a look at new pictures of remade lighting and visuals. Check also first screens of your PPB - personal player bot! Martin is working hard to be ready for Early Access in Autumn. He must do a lot of paperwork but of cou...

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Novus Inceptio – interview about Greenlight campaign

Novus Inceptio - we made an interview with Martin about the Greenlight campaign on Steam. Was the preparation intensive, long? Or rather short and very time consuming? What had to be done to get Greenlighted? In the last days Novus Incepti...

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Novus Inceptio – rozhovor o kampani na Steamu

Novus Inceptio - rozhovor s Martinem o celé akci a kampani na Steamu, jak probíhala příprava a samotný pokus o "zazelenání" a co vše to obnášelo. Během posledních dní se Novus Inceptio dostalo do mnoha periodik, herních...

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Novus Inceptio – support and vote for NI

Novus Inceptio - support and vote for NI. If you want to help and support Novus Inceptio then you can support the developer by voting in the poll "Indie of the Year 2014" made by INDIEDB. You can help and make the game well known ...

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