Novus Inceptio – Greenlit just after 5 days

Novus Inceptio - Greenlit just after 5 days. Miracle or proof that the game will be great?

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As you all probably now, Novus Inceptio was Greenlit on Saturday just after 5 days and not many other games were Greenlit the same day which is not common for Steam. Ranking has stopped at #10 so yes, NI was able to get into the TOP 10! All these  facts indicates that this game should be different and can aim for big sales in the future. 

Of course it's not a hot news and every fan of NI knows about it for few days but we are in touch with Martin and we are going to ask him several questions how the whole Steam action went, what are his feelings, what was surprising or shocking and we will try to get different information than the official ones published all over the web and others servers. 

If you want to ask your own question about the game or author then write it in the comments below and we will include it in our own list.

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