Novus Inceptio – history of the development

Novus Inceptio - history of the development and more details about the game.

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If you are interested then write questions in the comments below the article which you would like to ask Martin and we will do so. We are in touch with him personally so don't hesitate to spam us. We will try to prepare our own interesting questions too but of course you can be more creative and curious :-).

Here is the history of NI and how it all started. Game developer Martin Mastný wrote a short summary what has happened in the game development until now and below is the sum up.

You can take as the real beginning February 17th, 2012. And during the next 1 year period everything was prepared and tested in Hero Engine. Martin has realised that even 12 months of testing and learning to work in HE was not the best way to go because he was practically stuck in a lot of issues and dead endings. The decision was made and he started to work from scratch again and now in Unity.

December 2013 was the start of new era and becoming friends with the new engine. This time is also marked with hard decisions whether to make the game using voxels or not. There were many advantages and disadvantages in both ways.

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March 2013 has commenced the real game development. Logic was thought-out completely and communication between server and client became the first step to go. Followed by Player Personal Bot, GUI, AI, NI admin plugin and much more.

Dev Alpha 06.007 - PPB preview

April 2014 was focused on craft and interactions' development.

Dev Alpha 06,007 - crafting preview

May 2014 – first online alpha test with friends took place! Also under water video was published.

ni dev alpha pre 08 001 water

June 2014 was the beginning of Martin's famous journey. New core of the project was prepared and he visited and made an interview about Novus Inceptio. Video is in Czech unfortunately but if you are interested, let us know in comments below the article and we can translate it to English.

Tea Club #6: Martin Mastný o Novus Inceptio

New logo has seen the light of day.

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July 2014 was ready for some more offline tests to check new core and the NI Facebook page reached a milestone of 1.000 fans.

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August 2014 was utilized to finish the core and a starting point for fusing the old game mechanics to the new prepared version.

Terraforming terrain was successfully underway together with first real house construction and of course first teaser was released.

Novus Inceptio teaser #01

In September 2014 the game needed some fine tuning and new logic for player interactions.

NI dev alfa 0.13.003 - The journey from forest to grasslands.

October 2014 seemed as a good time to start farming including planting, growing and harvesting crops.

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Additionally second big alpha test was made and characters received game animations and the ability to swim. Also building tools were put into the game.

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November 2014 – big Czech Game Developers Session took place in Prague where Martin was invited to present his project to other game developers (he discussed some game mechanics even with Warhorse Studio making Kingdom Come: Deliverance).

Novus Inceptio has also received new water, first GUI tests, 2k and 4k textures, new procedurally generated fauna, test of Unity 5, online stream, implementation of containers (barrels, chests etc.) and more.

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NI DEV better interaction v0 14 002

December 2014. In the present days there is a possibility to support the game in the poll on INDIEDB and everyone can still do so.

The newest information from Martin is vague but from our internal source we know that you can be ready for some big promotional campaign and materials in the next year. There is more to say but we are obliged not to say it publicly. Not yet.


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    I’d like to know if you have started to create the game because there was nothing which you would like to play? Or what was the first reason, initiator to create NI?

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      All answers will be in a specific article that prepares Keengamer.


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