Novus Inceptio – support and vote for NI

Novus Inceptio - support and vote for NI.

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If you want to help and support Novus Inceptio then you can support the developer by voting in the poll "Indie of the Year 2014" made by INDIEDB. You can help and make the game well known in the world and push it to the TOP 100 if not even higher, TOP 10?

You don't have to Sign up to vote so just go here and click on the big 

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Here is a summary from the author about the game how he is presenting it:

Novus Inceptio is 3D MMORPG post-apocalyptic fantasy / sci-fi game under developement. Its goal is to create a complex and fully independent world, regardless of the number of active players. Game style will focus on hardcore survival action, tactics and strategy.

The story is set in the distant future on planet naturally recovered from unspecified global catastrophe, which will be one of the topics of player's world exploration. Post-apocalyptic world offers technological conditions for mix of fantasy and supernatural abilities. Only the player will rebuild civilization, the game does not contain any predefined tasks and minimum NPCs.

The game is intended to enable the natural attributes to level up characters – attributes will enhance those attributes that are used and lowers those unused. There will be also ageing process and deaths. Technology, however, allow players to save the position using DNA sample and automatically creates a clone with the same properties after death. It will be possible to transfer genetic information to offspring who can be way to reincarnate instead of simple clone. The natural environment has the passage (accelerated) of time and has day cycle changing, including weather, natural ageing of buildings and time process of fauna and flora.

And why play Novus Inceptio?

Unlike other games there are no attribute limits of the characters, the player has complete freedom in a what he really likes and do not thought before he started the game, made his race or profession chooses – Character attributes are automatically adjusted according to the game-play of your character.

The game offers only few tutorial quests to create your character and learn basics otherwise player will be on his own. But player will be able to gather up to build large projects, create villages, towns and so. They will have to gather up for larger projects because inventory is limited. Social interaction are not just trading and grinding teams. Players will be able to group into clans or villages, or cities. And of course to pay their debts through war but for war you will need good logistics to keep your weapons and stomachs full.

All items will be created by players. Technology will enhance characters as well as their items. With no NPC merchants, which can usually sell anything unnecessary, it is possible to create a fully functioning market. Money wont be dealt to players by quests but there will be limited and finite amount.


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    one vote from me

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      Very big thanks


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