Elden Ring Speedrunners Are Already Breaking Each Other’s Records

Elden Ring was amongst the most anticipated games for 2022. Having come out, and now that only 13 days have passed, the speedrunning community already started claiming runs in under an hour, and already started beating each other to it.

Elden Ring Speedrunners Are Already Breaking Each Others Records

The world of speedrunning is a vertiginous one, and the fact that Elden Ring, the newest addition in FromSoftware Soulsborne series not only has been beaten already in under one hour by notorious Soulsborne speedrunner LilAggy, but that his record was also already beaten by Distortion2 with a 10 minutes improvement in the same category, speaks volumes.

While FromSoftware games are regarded to be difficult games when compared to other successful franchises, it is also well-known that it is mainly a matter of learning the mechanics and changing your approach to enemies/bosses in order to beat it. Most people that have beaten at least one Soulsborne game will tell you the famous phrase “it’s hard, but fair”, when referring to these games. 

There are some gamers that live and breathe Soulsborne, however. LilAggy accomplished what he claims to be the first ever completion of Elden Ring in under an hour (59:38) in the “any percentage” category just 12 days after the game was released, on March the 9th, 2022. 

However, just hours later, another speedrunner, Distortion2 did an any percentage speedrun in 49:29, beating LilAggy by 10 whole minutes. Distortion2 has indicated in his YouTube video description that he believes the game can be optimized to be beaten in under 40 minutes, so more improvements are yet to come. 

Elden Ring Any% Speedrun in 49:29 (WORLD FIRST SUB 50 MINUTES RUN)

The amazing feats surrounding Elden Ring are not just happening in the speedrunning community, with the self described “Awful human being. Atrocious op-ed writer. World’s worst journalist. Queen of cringe”, Sophia Narwitz having already earned a platinum trophy in the game as well, which would have taken her 130 hours.

Also, check out Sophia’s thread on her platinum trophy for a more critical point of view of Elden Ring.

As time goes on there will surely be more accomplishments related to the latest FromSoft entry, and we can’t wait to see just how much the game can be optimized. In the meantime, congratulations to those that have already impressed us.

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