Elden Ring Is Coming to the Tabletop

Elden Ring is moving from the screen and coming to the tabletop. The roleplaying game from FromSoftware and George R. R. Martin is placing a site of grace on the table with the announcement of a board game.

Elden Ring is Coming to the Tabletop

Late last week the holding page for a new Kickstarter project went live. A simple green image bearing a title in weathered gold explains it all. Elden Ring: The Board Game. This new project from Steamforged Games sets to bring the Lands Between to the tabletop with their next video game to board game project.

Steamforged Games has brought numerous other video games to the tabletop. Dark Souls, Resident Evil, and Horizon: Zero Dawn are just a few examples. These have been widely acclaimed for their interesting gameplay mechanics, intricate miniatures, re-playability, and immersive roleplaying options.

Previous Steamforged Games

Board games from Steamforged tend to follow a pattern. The gameboard is created by randomly drawing and aligning tiles. This makes every attempt at the game different. From there, the player collects items, fights enemies, and tackles a boss.

From humanoid creatures to colossal beasts can appear at any time, keeping the element of surprise even when the cards are on the table. Different encounters can appear in every playthrough to keep the player coming back. There is also usually an option to track progress and continue the same character later on through the main game and expansions.

Margit miniature teased for Elden Ring: The Board Game.

Margit miniature teased for Elden Ring: The Board Game.

Elden Ring Content Coming to the Tabletop

There is no lack of lands to explore and creatures to face in the Lands Between. Not to mention the dozens of towering bosses. From Limgrave to the Mountaintops of the Giants and turtles to golems there is much to explore and see. If Elden Ring: The Board Game continues in the Steamforged tradition there is sure to be more than enough for tarnished to delve into.

Elden Ring is one of the biggest video games of the year and already coming to the tabletop. With the expansive world of the Lands Between there is more than enough source material for Steamforged Games to pull from. There is currently no set date for the official Kickstarter launch. Steamforged tends to have a relatively short turnaround time between announcement and launch. In all due time, the tarnished shall rise.

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