How To Beat The Godskin Duo In Elden Ring

Are you struggling to beat the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring? Here is a guide to help you fell one of the game's most challenging mandatory boss battles. This article will ensure you are approaching the fight with the greatest chance of success, while also reducing the consequences of failure.

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It’s no secret that FromSoftware releases some brutally challenging games. The worlds in the Souls-like genre are merciless and filled with enemies intended to humble you. Elden Ring is no exception in this regard, with many bosses capable of wiping out beginners in seconds. Of course, the open-world nature of the game means that many of the biggest threats are entirely optional. The game encourages you to explore elsewhere and to return later, if at all. However, it can be exceptionally frustrating when you find yourself stuck on a mandatory boss. Enter the Godskin Duo.

This particular boss has left many players utterly helpless against the unavoidable tag team. Since the game places this obstacle with the end so close in sight, it’s all the more infuriating. As such, here is a guide detailing how to beat the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring.

This guide will specifically recommend the Mimic Tear Ashes, but players looking for alternative allies should consider these five substitute summons.

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What Makes The Godskin Duo So Challenging?

Perhaps the most obvious factor contributing to the Godskin Duo’s difficulty is the fact you must face them simultaneously. You will be confronted by a Godskin Apostle and a Godskin Noble. While any boss in the game will typically hit hard, you at least have the luxury of a singular focus. This duo affords no such privilege, as they will flank you shamelessly. Had they both been fairly slow enemies, this might not have been too challenging. However, both bosses come swinging with surprising speed. The Noble wields a swift rapier, while the Apostle swings a twinblade.

The duo also has ranged capabilities, hurling black flame magics from across the arena. These incantations are equally deadly up-close, capable of encasing you in swirling flames. Simply put, it’s rare for you to ever feel you’re at a safe distance. This is made all the worse by the game’s reliance on target lock-ons. Simply put, it’s very difficult to continuously hit a foe when not targeting them. However, doing so restricts the camera to a singular focus, allowing the other enemy to easily blindside you.

The arena is also a tad claustrophobic. While by no means the smallest boss zone, the pillars can obstruct your attempts to dodge. That being said, these pillars will be useful for a time when dodging magic. However, they also have another unique challenge. To beat the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring, plays need to fell them multiple times during the fight. The two share a health bar for the encounter, but also have individual meters too. Once felled, they will be resurrected onto the battlefield in just a few seconds.

Don’t let their size fool you, they are fast and hit hard.

Don’t let their size fool you, they are fast and hit hard.

The Closest Site of Grace

The first mistake that’s all too easy to make is tackling this boss from the wrong Site of Grace. Usually, bosses in the game have a very clear respawn point rather close to the arena. Elden Ring in particular is rather forgiving in this aspect. Previous FromSoftware titles would demand players run through perilous routes back to the boss room after dying. By contrast, The Lands Between seems more forgivingly designed, perhaps due to its open world. However, this particular battle has a deceptive respawn point that is needlessly frustrating to return to.

If you are starting from the Dragon Temple Site of Grace, then you aren’t as close as you could be. It’s the one you are likely to encounter naturally on your way through the Crumbling Farum Azula. However, the path afterwards is a narrow corridor, and there are at least two enemies along the way. While it’s possible to run past them, they have long reach and high damage. Just losing a single one of your flask uses to these preliminary obstacles is infuriating. They also pursue you rather close, and occasionally can land an attack on you once you’ve entered the boss room. The journey back is also a few seconds too long, making the experience of losing all the more agonizing.

To avoid this entirely, simply turn and face the opposite direction the moment you spawn at the Dragon Temple. Drop down from the ledge behind you and navigate through the rubble until you find the Dragon Temple Transept. This is site right next to the boss room without any enemies on the way. This is essential to beat the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring. The only downside is you enter the arena much closer to bosses.

It will make multiple attempts much quicker.

It will make multiple attempts much quicker.

The Summoning Strategy 

Now, for some players, the mere mention of summoning Spirit Ashes is an unacceptable strategy. There is a stigma around using them, as they are considered to make fights too easy. For any such players, the Duo can be faced alone following the rest of the guide’s suggestions. However, I believe this is a circumstance that fully warrants the use of an ally. The fact of the matter is you are outnumbered in this fight. Given the game’s limited camera when targeting a single foe, you will be blindsided constantly. The battle almost borders on being unfair, and as such a summon to help distract one seems justified.


Your best friend for this fight will likely be the Mimic Tear Ashes. While it’s not entirely possible to govern your summon’s actions, you can respond to theirs. Whichever boss your mimic targets, you should probably lead the other to the opposite side of the arena. I found my mimic was more effective at fighting the Apostle, so I focused on keeping the Noble distracted. You want the summon to last for most of the fight, but it’s not very skilled at dodging the Noble’s moveset.

To beat the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring, you should first be sure to pick up the Mimic Tear Ashes. To do this, you will need to traverse Night’s Sacred Ground. This area is accessed via Nokron, Eternal City. You will need to defeat Radahn to unlock the entrance in the Mistwood. You will also need to bring a Stonesword Key to bypass an imp statue to find the treasure chest. Then you should upgrade the Mimic Tear at the Roundtable Hold as much as possible.

Technically any summon could help, but few can hold their own against the Duo.

Technically any summon could help, but few can hold their own against the Duo.

Battle Strategy


Where you stand during this battle can make all the difference. Given that the recommended Site of Grace places you right next to the boss, you first need some distance. This should be when you summon the Mimic, so hide behind a pillar to avoid black flame incantations. Once your mimic has picked a target, try to keep the bosses apart to avoid overlapping effects. Be close enough to attack the other boss when needed though, as you will want to kill the Apostle first. I would also recommend fighting as far away from the alter as possible, as this is where they respawn.

These two have surprising reach, so when dodging, be prepared to roll into the attacks. Trying to avoid strikes by moving away will often see you struck. The main exception for this is when either boss begins casting a large AoE incantation. These swirling blackflames can trap you and deal massive damage. Be sure to put some distance between yourself and the boss when they start these casts. Similarly, be ready to dodge the Noble’s rolling attack, when he inflates like a balloon and spins towards you. This attack turns around to aim for you again with immense speed, so be ready to avoid it multiple times. While the pillars seem like a safe bet here, chances are they will already be destroyed. The Noble occasionally gets stuck on the pillars, but this just keeps the attack going for longer.

If possible, try not to have your back to either enemy.

If possible, try not to have your back to either enemy.


To beat the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring, players need to time their takedowns appropriately. As previously mentioned, they share a health bar, but they can be eliminated individually before reviving. You should aim to defeat the Apostle first, with it seemingly being easier to kill. Additionally, the Noble’s rolling attack is frustrating to handle while the Apostle is still in play. He will use this attack when his health is low, so avoid chipping away at too much of his HP.  Once you see the Mimic has done most of the work, feel free to join in to help finish off the Apostle quickly.

With the Apostle down, you have a few seconds to deal with the Noble. Since you and the Mimic are now free to focus on one target, this is much easier. His rolling attack will ruin your tempo, but it’s easier to dodge since he might target the summon. Try your best to bring him to near-death if not complete defeat just prior to the Apostle’s respawn. This is why you should be at the opposite end of the arena to the alter. Once one respawns, the extra distance will give you a few precious seconds to continue attacking the remaining Godskin. You will need to fell the bosses approximately 3.5 times to clear the encounter. However, providing you divide and conquer, the fight should become significantly easier.

They vanish once the total health bar is cleared, regardless of their remaining individual HP.

They vanish once the total health bar is cleared, regardless of their remaining individual HP.

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