5 Elden Ring Summons to Replace the Mimic Tear

Are you looking for a new spirit ally to call on following the nerfing of the Mimic Tear Ashes? Consider these 5 Elden Ring summons as replacement comrades. These options will have to you covered from the beginning to the very end of the game.

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There is no denying that out of all the spirit ashes, it’s the Mimic Tear that provides the greatest boon. The ashes’ ability to create a perfect duplicate of the player character opens up a myriad of different possibilities. It can either mirror your fighting style, or you can equip a different weapon prior to attack from two angles. When fully upgraded, it’s a summon that can almost win some fights by itself. As such, players who want to summon spirits in Elden Ring will likely default to this choice.

Alas, to the dismay of players, FromSoftware recently nerfed the Mimic Tear in a patch. While still undoubtedly the heaviest hitter, the change has some players eying new companions. As such, here is a guide suggesting 5 Elden Ring summons to replace the Mimic Tear.

Lhutel the Headless

As far as useful spectral companions go, this particular ally was my personal main prior to the Mimic Tear. There are various advantages to Lhutel, including its relatively easy acquisition. In combat, its utility will become immediately apparent due to its range of capabilities. For starters, Lhutel wields a shield, making it a tad harder to hit than most. Its defensive capabilities are further amplified by its tendency to teleport during combat. Every now and then it will blink out of existence, giving it a higher probability of dodging incoming damage. Add to this its tank-like build, and you have a hardy, long-lasting summon.

It also helps that Lhutel is a versatile fighter. Equipped with melee and long-range weapons, this is one of the Elden Ring summons that is rarely standing idle. Her lance can inflict a build-up of instant death, and she can hurl ranged attacks at frustratingly mobile enemies. The one downside to this choice is that, due to its legendary item status, it’s quite costly to summon. Requiring 104 FP to summon, players will need to invest some points into Mind ahead of time.

Acquisition – Head to the Tombsward Catacombs on the Weeping Peninsula. It can be located just south of the Church of Pilgrimage. You must complete a relatively easy boss battle with a Cemetery Shade to acquire the ashes.

Its random teleporting makes it a difficult target to takedown.

The random teleporting makes it a difficult target to takedown.

Lone Wolf

Don’t let the odd choice of name fool you, this summon includes a small pack. The ashes will allow players to call upon three wolves with independent health meters. They are particularly useful due to being one of the earliest items you can obtain at the start of the game. While not particularly sturdy in so far as defence goes, they make up for it with aggression. Since they will be attacking separately, bosses will be spoilt for choice when picking a target. This allows them to serve nicely as a distraction that will give you extra breathing room to time your attacks. The downside is their squishy defence, as a wide area of effect or sweeping attack could eradicate them all in one.

Thankfully, the wolves are rather fast, and they have a tendency to circle their prey and occasionally jump back. This increases the likelihood of at least one avoiding any moves from the boss. Additionally, their frequent attacks mean they also deal quite a bit of overall damage. When you also consider that they are cheap to summon at just 55 FP, they make for a convenient ally. Another advantage to the wolves is they are one of the earliest Elden Ring summons acquired. This means players can get used to using them and level them up gradually as they progress.

Acquisition – The ashes can be easily obtained once you are given the ability to summon Torrent from Melina. Return to Limgrave’s Church of Elleh, located just north of starting location and the Tree Sentinel. You should find Renna sitting in the ruins, although you might need to rest at the site of grace first. Speak to her and she will give you the Lone Wolf Ashes.

Sometimes the best choice was right in front of you the entire time.

Sometimes the best choice was right in front of you the entire time.

Blackflame Monk Amon

Yet another summon with multiple fighting styles, Blackflame Monk Amon is a powerful ally. Amon uses a mix of a devastating sword attack, as well as blackflame incantations. In terms of his faith abilities, they also have various uses. Amon can use the Black Flame incantation to fling a fireball at a single target from quite a distance. He also uses the Scouring Black Flame, which has a shorter range but is more widespread for multiple targets. One disadvantage to his battle-style is his incantations are easily interrupted. As a result, he is often best utilized as ranged support while you distract the boss.

However, Amon is also one of the Elden Ring summons with melee capabilities. Wielding a sword, the monk is more than capable of standing his ground when up-close and personal. His attacks also hit relatively hard, especially when he is fully upgraded. A recent online video demonstrating the summon depicted him soloing Godrick the Grafted. However, his powerful nature also explains why he is such a late-game summon. Unfortunately, players seeking to utilise him will not be able to do so for quite some time. Additionally, he’s expensive to summon, requiring at least 115 FP.

Acquisition – Amon’s ashes are found in the Hidden Path to the Haligtree. This catacomb is accessed via the Grand Lift of Rold after finding both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. Once inside, players must drop down from a ledge with a broken railing. The walkway below is invisible, so tread lightly. Find the way down to the boss room to fight the Stray Mimic Tear, who drops the ashes upon defeat.

You can even wear matching gear with your summon.

You can even wear matching gear with your summon.

Banished Knight Oleg

This particular summon is so devastating that even a boss takes advantage of it. Banished Knight Oleg is a melee fighter who duel wields two swords. He hits fast, and he hits hard. His item description refers to him as “One of the two knights known as the Wings of the Storm.” This is a namesake that he absolutely lives up to when observing his wind-like movements. Oleg uses unique weapon skills to spin around like a hurricane, ruining foes with his blades. This particular attack also serves as a gap-closer against distant foes. As far as physical fighters go, he is one of the best.

A disadvantage to using him as a summon is he has no ranged attacks. Thankfully, it’s not very common that you’ll find yourself fighting flying enemies. While he might require more patience, he will never be fully out of a fight. He’s also one of the Elden Ring summons that makes a particular boss battle really challenging. Commander Niall in Castle Sol summons two Banishes Knights, with one being Oleg. His speed and ferocity make him almost more deadly than the actual boss. He’s fairly expensive to summon for 100 FP, but it’s on the lower end when factoring in his strength.

Acquisition – Oleg can be found right near the start of the game, although you will need two Stonesword Keys. Enter the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave next to the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace, locked behind an imp keystone. You will need to navigate a perilous dungeon filled with enemies and a deadly chariot crusher trap. Defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss at the end to acquire the ashes, in addition to a Golden Seed.

Between fighting Oleg or facing a boss, I'd choose the boss.

Between fighting Oleg or facing a boss, I’d choose the boss.

Latenna the Albinauric

This particular summon has a rather unique and peculiar set of strengths and weaknesses. Latenna is an archer who will deal magical ranged damage to your foes. She hits pretty hard, firing multiple arrows with each shot. As such, she very quickly whittles down a boss’s health bar. However, she is solely a ranged combatant, although she can fire at an enemy up-close.

What makes this particular summon somewhat difficult to use optimally is her rather unique drawback. Most spirits will be able to move around the battlefield, avoiding or charging foes as needed. Latenna stands out due to her lack of mobility. Where you summon her is where she will stay. As such, players should seek to summon her away from the boss. Furthermore, you will get the most use out of her by serving as a distraction. Try to maintain aggro on the enemy and allow Latenna to assist from afar. Requiring just 74 FP to summon, she is usable by most players. As such, her immovable nature is outweighed by her damage and accessibility.  

Acquisition – Latenna is first an NPC who can be encountered at the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack. This can be found by travelling through the Lakeside Crystal Cave in Liurnia of the Lakes. Latenna will become a spirit for you if you have the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right). This is acquired from the NPC Albus in the Village of the Albinaurics.

Summon her on a perch or in a sniping position for the best results.

Summon her on a perch or in a sniping position for the best results.

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