New Elden Ring Patch May Hint at Upcoming DLC

A brand-new patch for Elden Ring changes the way damage scaling works for PvP and PvE, but also seems to hint at things to come. Dataminers have discovered references to an upcoming ray-tracing mode, as well as to some brand-new areas. Could FromSoftware be gearing up towards a reveal of the game’s long-awaited DLC?

New Elden Ring Patch May Hint at Upcoming DLCElden Ring patch 1.07 has just rolled out, and along with the usual round of updates and fixes, it may also be paving the way for the game’s long-rumoured and long-awaited DLC.

Key Patch Notes

The key takeaway from the patch notes alone is that weapon damage scaling has been tweaked to work separately in PvP and PvE. This means that stamina attacks and poise damage have received a boost in damage, whereas Ashes of War and a number of dragon incantations have all had their damage outputs nerfed. This only applies to PvP, in an attempt to even the playing field and encourage more experimentation in duels, so those Tarnished playing single-player or co-op need not worry. FromSoftware hasn’t made the game harder for those who want to enjoy it on their own.

Colossal weapons have also been given a great boost, with increased speed, poise damage, and guard penetration, as well as decreased recovery time. Similarly, almost all armour sets have received poise increases.

A huge number of spells and incantations have also been buffed, with increased damage, speed, status build-up, and reduced FP consumption. The same goes for a large number of Weapon Skills, with almost all of them benefitting from increased attack power.


Colossal weapons have received the biggest boost in this latest patch.

Colossal weapons have received the biggest boost in this latest patch.

Ray-Tracing and DLC?

But that’s not all. Hidden deep within the data appears to be references to new graphical updates and two new maps.

YouTuber Lance McDonald recently tweeted that the dataminer Sennoutantei has discovered “menu strings related to ray tracing features” buried within the patch’s code. These apparently warn players that the feature “will lock performance settings to prioritise quality”. Players have been hoping for a ray-tracing update since launch to make the already stunning world of the Land Between even more beautiful to look at, and it appears, they won’t have to wait too much longer.

However, even more excitingly, Lance McDonald states that the patch’s code also “includes references to two new maps that do not otherwise exist in the game data”. Could this FromSoftware quietly preparing the existing game for upcoming DLC? It is not uncommon for developers to do this, and it’s not uncommon for dataminers to uncover potential add-ons and updates long before they go live.


So, what might these two maps be referring to? Could players finally be able to enter the currently inaccessible colosseums dotted around the Lands Between? Or are they places entirely new and unseen? With any luck, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

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