The 7 Most Insulting Traps in Elden Ring

A vital part of the Elden Ring experience is falling into endless (and often insulting) traps that are designed to leave you spiking your controller in frustration against the ground. Here are some of the traps you can expect to make you question why you put yourself through the beautiful chaos of Elden Ring.

The 7 Most Insulting Traps in Elden Ring

It would take a genius to get past the traps in Elden Ring without falling prey to any on your first run. FromSoftware does a wonderful job predicting what you will think and do as a player. Due to this, it’s important to understand the logic of the game and prepare yourself for the horrors to come. Here are some of the most hilarious and insulting traps you’ll encounter on a normal play-through, and ways to deal with them.

The Most Insulting Elden Ring Traps – Hero’s Grave Chariots Traps

Even at the very beginning of the game you can run into a Hero’s Grave dungeon. FromSoftware uses these areas as an excuse to place some truly evil traps. The most intimidating of these are the chariots, which run up and down long slopes leading deeper into the dungeon. They are fast and their hitboxes are unforgiving. For these segments, you usually wait in a nook until they roll past and time a dash to the next safe area. It’s almost hateful.

But did you know there are ways to destroy them? One notable example is from the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon. When you make your way far enough down into the dungeon you’ll come across a poisoned swamp. If you look carefully there is an elevator that will raise you to a platform. Look up and you can see giant pots hanging from the ceiling. Shoot one off at the right time and they come crashing down onto the chariot, destroying it. You’ll get some interesting loot in the process, which you’re free to discover yourself!

The Gelmir Hero’s Grave requires that you drop onto a chariot from above and ride it over lava. Just make sure you’re jumping onto a chariot that doesn’t have a rider. It’ll take you down the slope, where you should then leap off and try to make your way to a little platform on the right with a ladder leading up. You will take some damage from the lava as you make your way to safety, so be prepared. If you want a video guide, Vaatividya’s 10 Crazy Useful Gameplay Secrets in Elden Ring is an amazing place to start.

10 Crazy Useful Gameplay Secrets in Elden Ring!

Raya Lucaria Boulder Traps

These traps have a bad habit of catching you off guard. You’ll be walking up a slope, minding your own business when suddenly a boulder will magically appear out of nowhere and try to turn you into a paste. They are fast and will one-shot you if you aren’t ready for the damage. Most of them appear with only a little warning, which comes in the form of a magical summoning circle that will appear on the floor briefly. Sometimes, it’ll feel like there is no warning at all! It’s a FromSoftware classic!

In the over-world you’ll be able to dash out of their paths fast enough if you are riding Torrent. Keep in mind that many of them track your movement, so out-running them won’t always work out.

In Raya Lucaria proper, you’ll encounter one such boulder trap on the curving stairs leading up to the area where you get invaded by Moongrum, Carian Knight. This unique example will not track you, but instead, bounce against the railings on a pre-determined path. Knowing where the boulder will bounce off can help you plan a path up the stairs.  You can also roll through it with good timing. If you look around that area closely after getting to safety, you can eventually find a way of climbing up to where the boulder is summoned. Kill the enemies up there and you can stop it permanently. That is somewhat rare for traps in Elden Ring!

Remember, this boulder doesn't track you.

Remember, this boulder doesn’t track you.

Invisible Enemies

It hardly seems fair, but many enemies in the game can vanish from sight at a moment’s notice. They reappear a second later, only to hit you with a cheap shot. You can’t track them when they go invisible and there is no guarantee where they’ll show up next. On top of this, they can be found in many areas of the game, from Sellia, Town of Sorcery down to the Nokron, Eternal City. A gameplay designer somewhere is laughing at us.

The safest way to tackle these enemies is with the Sentry Torch, an item you can buy from the merchant at the Hermit Merchant’s Shack. With it equipped, you dispel invisibility on all enemies around you. If you don’t have one, your best bet is to roll away in one direction for a while. Then you know that when they reappear, they will be coming at you from a predictable direction. These enemy types only attack you when they are visible, with one terrifying exception. Beware of the Black Knife Assassins that you find at the end of certain catacombs and caves, as they don’t need to reveal themselves to hurt you.

As a fun aside, you may see sets of glowing footsteps pacing around a circuit in certain areas of the overworld. These are invisible Teardrop Scarabs, not unlike the ones you come across regularly. They can be hard to hit, but using an AOE spell like Night Maiden’s Mist in an area you know they’ll run through will cause enough damage to reveal and kill them.

You're always being watched!

You’re always being watched!

Trap Teleporters

Remember the mimic chests from previous Dark Souls games? Let’s be honest, if one of them got you, you wouldn’t forget it. In Elden Ring, they have mercifully been removed. What replaces them are teleporter chests, however, a mechanic that triggers in the same way. You will warp to a different part of the map, almost always somewhere that will be beyond your level. You’ll find yourself panicking because they can transport you into dungeons you aren’t ready for, and not allow you to teleport out.

To protect yourself from one of these chests, your only real option is to dodge out of the way as soon as you see the smoke seep out after opening it. Unfortunately, there is only a short window within which to do this.

If you get tricked by one, you’ll have to keep your wits about you. Look for the exit to wherever you’ve been teleported as soon as possible. It’s the perfect opportunity to equip a Sacrificial Twig if you have one. It’ll spare you losing your runes if you die. If you’re without one, some light Googling will reveal a list of all the teleporter traps in the game.

Flame Pillar Traps

These are, once again, traps in Elden Ring that you will only find in Hero’s Graves. Upon turning a corner or dropping down onto a ledge, you may find yourself confronted with a titanic torrent of flame. These are fired at you from pillars containing statues of stone imps. Once you move past them they can also change the direction of their fire, catching you off guard.

You may feel compelled to rush forward in search of a place to hide. To make things easier though, hitting them with any projectile allows you to disable them from afar. This damage will cause the pillar to move and stop shooting flames at you. As a bonus, careful observers may note that when the pillar moves it can sometimes be used as a lift, or as a way of modifying the dungeon in some cases. You’ll have to play around to find out what each one can do.

Someone's having a BBQ.

Someone’s having a BBQ.

Crossbow Turret Traps

These traps are popular in castles, but you can also find variants in other areas of the map like flame-thrower turrets. The game has a habit of placing the operator of the turret right in the firing line of a second or third turret, making these some of the most annoying traps in Elden Ring.

Here, ranged attacks are your friend once again. If the operator takes even a point of damage, they will let go of the turret and default to their melee mode. Once they have let go, you simply need to aggro them to draw them away.

Bait Items

Another staple of the series is the bait item. You see the tempting white glow of an item and rush to pick it up, only to find yourself swamped by a mob of enemies that can’t wait to have you for supper.

A winning strategy in most cases is to use your target lock. Even if an enemy is hiding out of sight , your target lock lets you know something is there. And remember the golden rule of playing any FromSoftware game: If it looks too good to be true, it most definitely is.

Don't fall for it.

Don’t fall for it.

If you are still struggling with Elden Ring and want a more general approach to getting better at the game, you can check out this guide for beginners to help you on your way.

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