Sony Potentially Looking into Making TV shows and Movies with FromSoftware

While games will always come first, Sony has announced that their latest investment in FromSoftware means TV or movie adaptations of the likes of Elden Ring, Dark Souls, or Bloodborne could be looked into in the future. It may only be a glimmer of an idea right now, but the possibility of seeing Yarnham brought to life on the silver screen sounds too good to pass up.

Sony Potentially Looking into Making TV shows and Movies with FromSoftwareHaving recently purchased 14% of FromSoftware’s shares, Sony is actively looking into collaborating more closely with the beloved Dark Souls developers. Game collaborations are top of the list, naturally, with both companies primarily producing and developing video games, but PlayStation boss Herman Hulst has confirmed other adaptations are on the table.

Specifically, he was quoted as saying that “It’s not unthinkable with PlayStation Productions [current] effort that [they] explore opportunities”. This could mean that TV shows and movies based on the dark fantasy worlds of Dark Souls, or the Lovecraftian gothic streets of Bloodborne may one day soon be making their way onto our screens. In a similar vein, FromSoftware has recently announced a tabletop adaptation of Elden Ring.

Sony and FromSoftware’s growing partnership may also bring good news for Bloodborne fans later down the line. While nothing has been confirmed yet, Sony will undoubtedly want to see more exclusives after this deal, and what better place to start than with a sequel to an already beloved IP?

Will we see Yarnham on the silver screen?

Will we see Yarnham on the silver screen?

Sony’s Other Adaptations 

Sony’s PlayStation Productions has really been doubling down on adaptations recently. On the movie side of things, they released Uncharted (starring Tom Holland and Mark Walberg) earlier this year, and are currently working on movie adaptations of Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, and Gran Turismo. And on the TV side, HBO’s fantastic-looking adaptation of The Last of Us is slated to release sometime next year, while Netflix is in the process of creating a Horizon: Zero Dawn series, and Amazon is working on a God of War series. Little is known about these two at the time of writing.

Though primarily based on their first-party games, PlayStation Productions certainly have the scope and ambition to expand.

The Medium – A New TV Adaptation

In similar news, Bloober Team’s The Medium is currently being adapted into a psychological horror TV series.

This adaptation is going ahead in partnership with Platige Image, an Oscar-nominated Polish company which has provided the VFX for a number of films, as well as cinematics for The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077. They are also working in conjunction with Oscar-nominated Polish director Tomasz Baginski, with the hope that all of this talent will allow them to produce “something special” and that their “enthusiasm will be visible in the quality of the series”.

The Medium, the game, was a fun horror experience that leaned heavily on its Silent Hill inspiration. While some of its gameplay was a little janky, it made up for it with some truly dark visuals and ideas. Here’s hoping the upcoming series doubles down on these otherworldly features.

Bloober Team and Platige Image are working on a The Medium TV series

Bloober Team and Platige Image are working on a The Medium TV series

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