Battlefront II Micro-Transactions Coming Back

Three months after its release, it is fair to say that Star Wars: Battlefront II is under performing. EA confirmed to the WSJ that Battlefront II sold 9 million copies during its launch. This is a worrying statistic for EA, as the 2015 reboot sold 13 million copies during its launch quarter. Blake Jorgensen, EA's CFO, has admitted that the game has under performed.

Battlefront II Micro-Transactions Coming Back

In addition, Jorgensen said that Battlefront II will re-introduce micro-transactions "in the next few months." despite a potential uproar from fans. EA removed micro-transactions from Battlefront II prior to the game's public release in the wake of potential boycott from the game's passionate community. Moreover, EA came under heavy criticism for allowing loot boxes to remain in the game, despite concerns being raised during the game's open beta. 

"Going forward, we believe that live services that include optional digital monetization, when done right, provide a very important element of choice that can extend and enhance the experience in our games," EA said. "We're committed to continually working with our players to deliver the right experience in each of our games and live services."

Furthermore, EA did add that their efforts to make Battlefront II a game that keeps players coming back has been successful. This statement does seem to have some truth as, Battlefront II players logged twice as much play time as the 2015 Battlefront game.

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