Battlefront 2 Showcases Upcoming Content

At this years E3, Electronic Arts announced that content relating to the Clone Wars would be arriving to Battlefront 2, which would include new characters, game modes and improved gameplay. With this, EA said that these changes would be playable "in the coming months". But, a recent development roadmap has highlighted that the content will be spread across 2018 with certain expansions not arriving until the winter.

Battlefront 2 Showcases Upcoming Content
Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku are two characters that will be not be playable until the winter alongside the map of Geonosis, which seems particularly odd as this is where the Clone Wars effectively started. Moreover, General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi will be coming in the autumn with an updated squad model, which likely constitutes the announcement of the sandbox-style model at this years E3.

Battlefront 2 Showcases Upcoming Content - Development roadmap
Despite the long wait for some great characters, some content will be released across July and August which will include new game modes and general improvements on gameplay like being able to turn your lightsaber on and off when you choose. Furthermore, new emotes, victory poses and clone trooper appearances, are set for an August release.

EA have said that they will continue to release new content for the game. However, this new batch of content does beg the question of whether the game can be saved, after the wide-scale mutiny from fans on the game's release.

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