New Battlefront 2 Single-Player Trailer Released

With it's release not being far away, an all new behind-the-scenes trailer has been released by EA DICE giving a deeper insight into the highly anticipated Battlefront II single player campaign. Strap up and prepare for the jump to hyperspace as your Star Wars adventure is soon to begin on November 17th.

Released artwork by EA DICE is incredible!

Star Wars Battlefront 2's story mode will pick up straight after the events of Episode VI: Return of Jedi. As seen in the first trailer, the game picks up after the destruction of the second Death Star as well as death of both Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. The once glorious Empire, which held a firm grip over the galaxy, was without it's figurehead [Palpatine], leaving the Empire as underdogs against the Rebellion causing Imperial Leaders scrabbling for power.

The trailer shows that family will be one of the centre points of the campaign. With Iden Version, leader the badass Inferno squad, taking command from her father, after the destruction of the second Death Star. Versio, who is voiced by Janina Gavankar, is Empire through and through as she has been groomed for a high ranking role in the Empire due to her upbringing on the planet of Vardos – where she was put into a military camp for children.

Furthermore, additional members of Inferno squad are introduced such as Hask, voiced by Paul Blackthrone, and Del , who was brought up on the planet of Coruscant, where the Jedi temple from the prequels is based. Iden's Father, Admiral Versio's voice actor, Antony Skordi, consolidates the doctrine of family which is heavily incorporated in the single player story mode "She's my daughter, she's all I have. I do need for her to understand why I'm going to do, what I'm going to do."

The games developers confirm that the story is canon, and is connected with the main franchise which is evident in Lucasfilm's Creative Executive, Steve Blank saying "The story of Battlefront 2 is an absolutely an essential story". Finally, we got some new footage, including a quick sighting of Luke Skywalker, and the odd-looking red droid with the face of Palpatine in it again.

Overall the game looks really good and much better than EA's first attempt at revitalising the franchise. For the first time ever, EA may have used community feedback to improve another title. The game is released on November 17th – the hype is most definitely on.  The trailer itself can be watched below:

Star Wars Battlefront II: Behind The Story

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