Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Maps Each To Have Narrative Focus

EA first trailed putting a narrative focus in a multiplayer map with the release of the Death Star DLC, but now developers of the upcoming Battlefront 2 have announced that every multiplayer map will have some form of narrative focus, further building on the community feedback from the first game.

Multiplayer maps in Battlefront 2 will have a narrative focus
For any gamers who brought the absurdly overpriced season pass for EA's attempt on Battlefront will have most likely played the Death Star DLC, where developers, Electronic Arts, placed a story into a multiplayer map, to contextualise gameplay, and make objectives more meaningful to players.

This is something that DICE and Criterion, who are developing the game alongside DICE, will be doing in Star Wars Battlefront 2 on every new map. Speaking on a  Battlefront podcast, Criterion Designer John Stanley confirmed that a narrative focus will be put on every multiplayer map on the upcoming highly anticipated game. 

John Stanley said: “Yeah, each of the maps will have a narrative focus, and we’ve tried to make it so that the objectives then tie into the map. And that’s important to help with the narrative, but we want to make sure we are switching up the gameplay and making the gameplay feel right for that level too. I think for a lot of Star Wars players, it’s all about immersion, and some of that immersion will come from setting that narrative and the setting, and what’s going on in the level, plus we have things like the audio, or making the ships handle really authentically. All of those layers come together and hopefully make for an immersive experience.” 

This new development comes as a warm welcome to many players due to the first Battlefront, which was released by EA in 2015, coming under fire for having a very dull and deflated multiplayer. Furthermore, this will improve the overall quality of the multiplayer allowing you to get the most out of that 'Star Wars' experience.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox in November 2017. If you would be interested in viewing the story trailer for the game check out our article about it

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