Star Wars Battlefront 2: Top 5 Star Cards for Heavy

Equip these top 5 Star Cards to push the frontline as the Heavy trooper in Star Wars Battlefront 2! Tanking is playstyle with versatility, so some players might not be sure where to focus first. By understanding which abilities work best, you can avoid choking on your aspirations.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Top 5 Star Cards for HeavyStar Wars Battlefront 2 offers a wide variety of characters to play as from the historic film series. From stormtroopers and rebels to Wookiees and Jedi, there are plenty to choose from. Regardless of the class, players will need to equip three Star Cards to succeed on the battlefield. For those new to the game, these abilities provide unique passive benefits and helpful tools for each role. Now that upgrading is no longer tied to loot boxes, fans can pick exactly which options to unlock. Unfortunately, this sort of freedom can potentially lead to poor selections. Therefore, it is important to understand the purpose behind any one character.

When starting off a match, every player will need to select from one of the four base trooper classes. Unlike the Assault class, which focuses on killing enemies, the Heavy functions best with a different strategy. Due to higher durability, it can help gain control of certain areas and defend vulnerable objectives. Oftentimes teams will need to force their way through tight corridors or into small rooms to continue the match. This trooper is a great pick in these situations because of its ability to take and dish out damage. That said, players will want to grab these top 5 Star Cards to perform well as the Heavy class in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Star Card 5 – Ion Torpedo

The Basics

  • A weapon that fires a missile that tracks the locked vehicle and deals high damage
  • Fully upgraded: Recharge time of 25 seconds
Definitely not like the simulations

Definitely not like the simulations

Ion Torpedo may seem like a strange tool to upgrade due to its specific usage. That said, new players will quickly find out how vehicles can run amok if unchecked. Plus, the Galactic Assault mode consistently requires damage against transports. Since troopers can switch between abilities in a match, this is a great one to have on hand for these instances. Because it utilizes a forgiving lock-on mechanic, it is near impossible to miss the shot. The damage is significant too, so enemy vehicles will be forced to flee or end up as scrap metal. It serves a dual purpose as well because taking down vehicles is a great way of earning Battle Points. Otherwise, make sure to upgrade for the Improved Thermal Detonator in case the situation does not call for Ion Torpedo.

Star Card 4 – Survivalist

The Basics

  • Your health regeneration delay is shorter than normal
  • Fully upgraded: Regeneration delay reduction of 40%

Despite the tank’s emphasis on taking damage, it does not have a lot of tools to boost health. Survivalist is a handy way to mitigate this problem. It is inevitable that a player will take unexpected grenade spam or lasers to the face during combat. Especially when trying to push through a dangerous zone or crossfire. With this passive, the trooper can take a moment to duck behind cover and regenerate health.

By focusing on this strategy, squads will be able to maintain the offensive rather than having to retreat. That extra regeneration speed can mean the difference between death or go into the next fight prepared. Thanks to the universal quality, Survivalist makes it into the top 5 Star Cards for the Heavy class in Battlefront 2.


Star Card 3 – Supercharged Sentry

The Basics

  • A supercharged version of Sentry with a small explosive blast added to each shot. Your health regeneration starts as you deploy into Sentry mode
  • Fully upgraded: Recharge time of 18 seconds
Hangar bay clean up duty

Hangar bay clean up duty

For those picking up the Heavy trooper, they will immediately notice the group of Sentry gun choices. While each has pros and cons, Supercharged Sentry is a good pick for most encounters. First of all, it offers health regeneration on usage. If not running Survivalist or some other Star Card for health regeneration, this one can be a substitute. Unlike Explosive Sentry, it does not restrict movement too much and leave the player as a sitting duck. The heightened damage spray it provides can be a deterrent for enemies, getting them to flee or get wiped. It also serves as a relatively decent way of shredding unsuspecting Hero characters, though mileage may vary. As a well-rounded Sentry gun, this is a tool worth adding to the collection early.

Star Card 2 – Improved Combat Shield

The Basics

  • An improved version of Combat Shield featuring additional health and quicker recharge
  • Retrigger action: Undeploy shield
  • Fully upgraded: Shield health of 300

Assuming players have deemed the Star Wars shooter worth it and booted the game, they will immediately notice the base options for troopers. When it comes to this class, one of these is the Combat Shield. Upon activation, a small blue shield appears in front of the soldier defending it from oncoming fire. Improved Combat Shield makes this even better by boosting health and speeding up recharge.

Being able to whip this high health barrier on the fly is extremely helpful in hectic combat situations. Since it is one of the few abilities that have the option to turn off, players can be flexible with usage. As the best class for charging in and being aggressive, tank mains would be remiss not to include this choice in their loadout.

So that's where I put the grenade launcher

So that’s where I put the grenade launcher

Star Card 1 – Barrage

The Basics

  • In the Barrage configuration, this MPL (Multi-Purpose Launcher) fires multiple small grenades
  • Fully upgraded: Recharge time of 32 seconds

The top Star Card in this list for the Heavy class in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Barrage tool. This launcher is not only helpful when the soldier is in its element, but also pretty fun to use for the player. Upon activation, the trooper pulls out a grenade launcher that can shoot a volley of explosives. These can bounce off walls, allowing for skillful players to engage enemies around corners. Certain maps can cause no end of frustration due to the unforgiving corridors and choke points.

When opposing squads are creating an impenetrable wall, it is time for Barrage. By practicing the trajectory and maintaining a good spread, you can send enemies flying. While it is less helpful in wide-open terrain, the overall benefits are well worth upgrading this gear.

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