Star Wars Battlefront 2: Top 5 Specialist Star Cards

Zero in on these top 5 Star Cards to pick off targets as the Specialist trooper in Star Wars Battlefront 2! Star Cards offer plenty of gameplay flexibility but can be overwhelming for new players. By checking out this guide you can find the abilities you are looking for.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Top 5 Specialist Star Cards

Star Wars Battlefront 2 did not launch without flaws but did manage to capture entertaining gameplay. To recreate exciting battles that stay fresh, DICE implemented the Star Card system. With this mechanic, players can pick and choose which features to bring into combat. That said, there are only three slots available despite a wide variety of tools and abilities. Since each requires upgrading to reach its full potential, players will want to select wisely. Keep scrolling for the top 5 Star Cards best for playing as the Specialist in Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Knowing which cards to take along depends a lot on understanding a trooper’s role on the battlefield. While not far off from the Assault class which focuses on eliminations, this soldier also excels at getting picks but in a stealthier manner. Gamers with FPS experience will be familiar with snipers, and this is more or less what to expect with this class. Thanks to long distance weaponry and stealth enhancing abilities, this class can wreak havoc from the shadows. While some fans might just prefer this playstyle, selecting the role can be helpful for knocking out priority targets or taking advantage of large-scale maps.

Star Card 5 – Stealth

The Basics

You remain hidden from enemy scanners when firing your weapon, and you deal increased melee damage.

  • Fully upgraded: Melee damage of 125
One shot, one kill

One shot, one kill

The Stealth card is an ability unique to this trooper and for good reason. As a squishier target with high damage potential, staying hidden is key to success. Radar is a significant part of knowing when and where to expect incoming enemies. Therefore, by removing weapon fire from alerting enemies, the troop can get a one up. This class can stake out a secretive location and pick off enemies without revealing itself. Even if an enemy manages to get close, the player can punch out opposing troops with a powerful melee attack.

Star Card 4 – Scramble Infiltration

The Basics

An improved version of Infiltration that marks enemies for your allies and scrambles all enemy scanners in range.

  • Fully upgraded: Scanner Scrambling Radius of 14

Continuing the theme of subterfuge, fans will want to snag the Scramble Infiltration Star Card. Normally, this ability lets the Specialist go behind enemy lines and remain undetected. With the Scramble version, Infiltration also benefits allies immensely. Not only will friendlies be able to see nearby enemies, but those targets will not know they are being surrounded. That way, the entire squad can move forward and coordinate a full push rather than just the player. While it is true that typically this role will play at a distance, this ability helps a lot in close quarters situations.

Star Card 3 – Marksman

The Basics

When you defeat an enemy with a headshot, your weapon heat will be reset and your weapon will produce less heat until you overheat next time.

  • Fully upgraded: Head Reduction of 40%
Sending in the snipers

Sending in the snipers

This Star Card is third up due to being useful for the class but also requiring some individual player skill. With high powered sniper rifles, this trooper’s weaponry can hit the overheat limit quickly and instigate a reload of sorts. With this passive, fans who are landing headshots can avoid overheating consistently. After unlocking all the weapons for Specialist, players can lean into the DPS side of the class thanks to this ability. Due to the nature of the role’s precision gunplay, getting headshots on enemies should be easier to pull off in comparison to other classes. And the forgiving heat reduction on subsequent rounds can make up for missing critical hits afterwards.

Star Card 2 – Personal Shield

The Basics

Creates a shield bubble surrounding you and blocking damage from all directions. You cannot fire your weapon while the shield is active.

  • Fully upgraded: Shield health of 240

It will likely not be a huge surprise that Personal Shield is ranking at number 2. This can be a get out of jail free Star Card and one of the best for Specialist in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Fans of EA’s first attempt at the sci-fi shooter will recognize the tool, but now it is specific to this troop. Unlike the Heavy’s shield, this feature completely envelopes the player and protects from all sides. Since this role can be especially vulnerable to enemy fire, popping the shield can help with escaping to safety. One downside is that it disables shooting, but when utilizing this ability, gamers should focus on getting away.

Star Card 1 – Improved Thermal Binoculars

The Basics

An improved version of the Thermal Binoculars that increases the duration an enemy is spotted.

  • Fully upgraded: Spot duration of 12
Hostile ahead

Hostile ahead

The Improved Thermal Binoculars Star Card is the top tool players will want to bring into combat. The base version shows enemies through walls and relays line of sight target locations to allies. This version extends the spot duration which makes it significantly more helpful. Since getting eliminations demands precision, having a heads up on where enemies are can assist with lining up those shots. Fans will continue to support the team by marking targets, which can make all the difference amid combat. The other benefit is that this ability does not requiring being close to the action, so players who prefer long range can still make use of this feature.

New players may wonder why to pick this role when checking out the character select screen. The Assault class can also get tons of eliminations and allows for getting into the thick of the action. Some gamers just gravitate towards sniper playstyles, but this role is more than that. By bringing in abilities that help with boosting stealth and disorienting enemies, the trooper can contribute to a win other than just damage. Now that Star Wars Battlefront 2 is worth playing, aim for upgrading these top 5 Star Cards for Specialist and successfully undermine the enemy team.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Specialist Class [Gameplay] (No Commentary)

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