Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Leak

Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay leak shows how an imperial takes down a rebel. Androids to play a role in the middle of the action.

Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Leak
The few weeks prior to the annual E3 show seems to have made it a tradition to shower us with quite a few amount of leaks. The latest of these is a gameplay reveal for Star Wars Battlefront II that Electronic Arts was likely reserving for the show. The gameplay clip is incredibly short and may have been from an earlier build of the game. I'm sure the giant game developer is quite relieved about the leaks' short duration. Be sure to check the video to draw your own conclusions.

The clip shows an imperial soldier taking down a rebel on an undisclosed vessel. There is an android that seems to have assisted the imperial soldier in opening the door as well. Perhaps androids will play a more significant role by your side this time around. Brief as it may, it is sure to raise excitement levels heading into the June 10th world premier. For those not familiar with the Battlefront franchise, in these games you get to re-live some of the best action sequences of the popular movies. You can play on either side of the struggle with a variety of well-known characters to choose from.The previous installment was a sales hit, so expectations are no doubt very high for this next installment.

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